QOTW: Have You Ever Bought A Beauty Product You Knew You’d Never Use?

Have you ever bough a product you knew you’d never use?

Beautiful with brains says: nope. I’ve bought shades I knew I’d use rarely (such as bright fuchsia lip shades, which are beautiful but I don’t wear much because I usually prefer to emphasize my eyes), and they were all from drugstore brands. Of course sometimes I buy a product which turns out not too work for me and so I never use it again, but I’d never buy something that I knew in advance I wouldn’t use just to collect it.

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    • JennySue, that’s what I do too. There’s no point in spending a lot of money if you think you won’t use a product a lot. Especially since drugstore brands have stepped up their game lately and you can buy wonderful products at very affordable prices.

    • Trisha, I have bought lots of products that didn’t work for me and are now collecting dust in a drawer.. I hate when that happens, it’s such a waste..

      It’s so hard to find a good eyeliner, isn’t it? They’re either sheer, hard, or smudge… These days I usually purchase UD 24/7 pencils set. They’re the best eyeliners I’ve tried and great value for money if you get them in a set. :)

    • Janessa, that’s great:) I usually do some research too but sometimes I come across a product that seems to work for everyone else but not me. I’m glad that hasn’t happened to you yet. :)

    • Makeup Morsels, I agree with you. I wouldn’t like paying for something and not planning to use it. Of course it’s sadly normal that some products will disappoint us and will never be used again.. I hate it when that happens..

    • Xin, I’m not sure how to use that one either lol. I hope you didn’t spend too much money for it.

    • Plue, those are really hard to resist, aren’t they? They’re so pretty you can’t help buying them even if you know you won’t have the heart to use them..

  1. No, I wouldn’t do that – I guess I’ve taken risks occasionally, but I’ve always truly believed that I’d use something that I’ve bought.

    • Viv, that’s good. No point in buying something you know in advance you won’t use, right?

  2. Yes, I am a sucker for pretty or interesting items that look nice on my battle station. The one that comes to mind is the detailed phallic lipstick in an unflattering shade I purchased not long ago. It’s right next to my tweezers and makes me giggle in the morning.
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    • Rebecca, lol. Some items would just look so good on our vanity table that we can’t help buying them, can we?

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