Product Review: NYX Sheer Gloss in Cherry

Name: Sheer Gloss in Cherry
Brand: NYX
Size: 15ml
Price: $5.50

From NYX’s website:
Add some clout to your pout with one quick sweep. The mineral-based lip gloss formula boosts moisture levels and protects lips, while coating them in sheer wash of transparent color. This lip gloss can be worn alone, or used to dial up the glamour of your favorite lipstick.

What I liked:
– wide shade selection
– provides a hint of color and lots of shine to the lips
– texture is smooth, not-sticky and feels comfortable on the lips
– fairly hydrating for a drugstore gloss
– longlasting for a lip product
– lovely fruity scent
– brush is soft
– packaging is pretty and contains a lot of product
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– if you like pigmented glosses, this is not for you
– it’s easy to squeeze out too much product and overapply

Do you love red lips but are scared you won’t be able to pull them off? Then try a sheer red gloss, like NYX Sheer Gloss in Cherry. Sheer glosses are a good introduction to red lips as they only provide a hint of color that can be easily built up if you want a more intense look. And pretty soon, you’ll feel confident enough to wear bolder red lip shades.

NYX Sheer Gloss in Cherry is a sheer red with a very shiny finish. It provides a soft wash of color on the lips that makes it very wearable and suitable for most skintones. You can wear it on its own or on top of a lipstick to add some shine to it. The color disappears after an hour of wear but the gloss and shine hang around longer and can last, if you don’t eat nor drink, up to 4 hours.

The texture is quite thick but not sticky and feels very comfortable on the lips. And for a drugstore gloss, it is fairly moisturizing. I can actually avoid prepping my lips with lip balm before applying this gloss. The subtle fruity fragrance, although a bit artificial, is still very pleasant and the gloss tastes nice too.

The gloss comes in a sturdy and pretty tube that contains a lot of product (15ml) that will last you for ages. It has a brush applicator whose bristles are very soft and apply the gloss well. However, when you squeeze the tube, too much product comes out so it’s easy to overapply if you’re not careful.

Available at: and

NYX Sheer Gloss in Cherry provides a hint of color and lots of shine. Fairly moisturizing and not sticky, this gloss feels comfortable on the lips and lasts about four hours if you don’t eat (the color disappears only after one hour though). It has a lovely fruity scent and a soft brush applicator. However, it is easy to squeeze out too much product and overapply if you’re not careful.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I’m not too fond of this kind of applicators either, but this one isn’t bad. And tha packaging is very pretty indeed.

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