Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.5

Hello everyone,

ready to listen to my random ramblings this Sunday afternoon? Let’s get started then:

New Calendar

Remember the cat calendar I showed you a few months ago? Well, when the year ended and it was time to get a new one, I bought the 2012 edition of that calendar! What can I say? I love cats and it really saddens me that I can’t keep one at the moment, but at least I can look at pretty pictures of them all year round and learn more about these cute animals as the calendar is chock full of info about them. What’s your new calendar like?

What I’m Reading Now

Captive Queen by Alison Weir. Captive Queen is a historical novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most fascinating women in history. She was Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right, was Queen of France and England, mother of three kings, and one of the most powerful women of the Middle Ages, a time when women were only destined to marry and have children. As the title suggests, most of the book takes place after her second husband Henry had imprisoned her for having helped their sons’ rebellion against him. But while the family conflicts, her turbulent marriage and her imprisonment in the last half of the book are well-written, I couldn’t help but find the first half quite tedious.Eleanor comes across as sex-obsessed and, although some sex scenes are to be expected as she and her husband Henry were very attracted to each other and theirs may well have been a love match as well as a political union, I think Weir has exaggerated a little. Eleanor was very strong-willed, intelligent and high-spirited, so to see her portrayed as a sex-crazed woman who has too many affairs and whose actions at times seem to be more motivated by sex than anything else was quite disappointing. The language the characters use is way too modern too but apart from these couple of drawbacks, the book is overall still an enjoyable read.

The Links

Chemists Corner shares 3 reasons why the EWG is a dubious resource you shouldn’t trust.

Clumps Of Mascara shares her top 4 favourite mascaras of 2011.

My Makeup Blog explains how to fix a broken retractable brush.

The Gloss wonders why plus size models are always forced to pose naked.

Beautyholics Anonymous shares what beauty bloggers do.

Sunday Survey, Vol.86

1. What’s your favourite way to keep warm in winter?
Cuddle up by the fire with a good book and a nice cup of chocolate.

2. Do you apply makeup in public?
I only reapply my lip products.

3. What color are your living room walls?
A soft peachy pink.

4. Revlon or Maybelline?
Revlon. I think they’ve really upped their game and released some lovely products lately.

5. Do you like ear muffs?
I think they are cute and warm, but not something I would wear. They’re just not my style.

It’s your turn now!
1. What’s your favourite way to keep warm in winter?
2. Do you apply makeup in public?
3. What color are your living room walls?
4. Revlon or Maybelline?
5. Do you like ear muffs?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Marina, I don’t like applying a full face of makeup in public either. But if you need to touch up your makeup, then that’s ok. :)

  1. says

    1. Curl in my bed under two sets of covers.

    2. Nope.

    3. A soft peach/apricot orange.

    4. Revlon.

    5. I adore them.
    I don’t like wearing hats – when I take them off, my clean hair is flatter than at it’s oiliest and, at the same time, full of electricity!
    Earmuffs keep my ears warm ^_^ .

  2. says

    1. What’s your favourite way to keep warm in winter? Heated car seats and a heated mattress pad!
    2. Do you apply makeup in public? Only lipstick.
    3. What color are your living room walls? Cream
    4. Revlon or Maybelline? Maybelline
    5. Do you like ear muffs? NO!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Eleanor, thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if I can find it. Eleanor of Aquitaine was such a formidable woman and she makes a great character for a historical novel, doesn’t she?

  3. says

    1. What’s your favourite way to keep warm in winter?
    cuddle up under my electric heating blanket, melt a wax tart, and read Tolkien :)
    2. Do you apply makeup in public?
    sometimes LOL. But I don’t really know if you’d call it ‘in public,’ I usually duck out of the way where no one can see me. And it’s never full face either, usually a lip product or concealer touch-up
    3. What color are your living room walls?
    4. Revlon or Maybelline?
    Revlon for lip products, Maybelline for eye products. Is that cheating? :)
    5. Do you like ear muffs?
    No, they make me feel weird because I can’t hear anything! But if it gets extremely cold, I don’t mind
    Makeup Morsels´s last blog post ..High School Beauty Tips & A Golden Globe Hair How-ToMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in retouching your makeup in public if you need to. I do that too although like you, I prefer to do it when there isn’t anyone around.

  4. says

    1. Stay indoor with a cup of hot herbal tea on my couch with my Snuggies! :)

    2. No, may be lip balm or lipstick sometimes, but very rarely. I usually do it in my car at my destination before getting out. 😉

    3. White with lavender undertone.

    4. Maybelline! Never tried Revlon and it doesn’t seem to appeal to me. But my illuminating makeup mirror is by Revlon.

    5. Not really. But I’d wear it if it means my daughter will wear it ‘just to follow mummy’, as she plays outdoors so much that I am frequently worrying that she will be cold. 😉
    Vonvon´s last blog post ..My Top 10 Beauties Of 2011My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Vonvon, I had never really paid attention to Revlon until last year but they are releasing some really interesting things lately. :)

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