Product Review: Aquolina Body Milk Icing Sugar

Name: Body Milk icing Sugar
Brand: Aquolina
Size: 250ml
Price: €9,00

From Aquolina’s website:
A hydrating, emollient and silky body milk.

What I liked:
– suitable for normal and oily skin
– leaves skin soft and smooth
– lightweight texture, absorbs quickly
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– not moisturizing enough for dry skin
– scent is too strong and nauseating

I have a soft spot for Aquolina as it reminds me of my adolescence. The brand makes bath and body products that have sweet, mostly foody, scents that just smell delicious and, like most Italian girls, I used their products quite a lot when I was a teenager. But I had never before tried their Icing Sugar range and I’m sad to say that I never will again. The lotion is good, but the scent I just can’t stand.

Aquolina Body Milk Icing Sugar, which comes packaged in a cute plastic bottle, is aquamarine in color (strange color for a body lotion, don’t you think?) and has a lightweight consistency that sinks into the skin quickly. It leaves my skin soft and smooth for a few hours (the scent instead lasts for ages!) but it’s not moisturizing enough for my very dry body skin. But if your skin is normal or oily, it will work much better for you. If you can put up with the scent, that is.

So, what’s wrong with the Icing Sugar scent? It is a very strong sugary vanilla scent that’s quite pleasant when you smell it from the bottle, but when you start applying it all over your body, it just gets nauseating. I had applied a small amount on one of my legs only and I was starting to feel really sick already and I seriously considered throwing it in the bin there and then. It’s just wayyyy too sweet for my taste. My boyfriend seemed to like it though. I guess this is one of those scents that people either love or hate so I suggest you give it a sniff at the shop before purchasing it.

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Aquolina Body Milk Icing Sugar has a lightweight consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Suitable for normal and oily skin, it’s not moisturizing enough for dry skin. It also has a very strong sugary sweet scent that may put some people off.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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