QOTW: What Holy Grail Beauty Products Are You Still Searching For?

What holy grail beauty products are you still searching for?

Beautiful with brains says: I keep trying new products all the time even when I find those worthy of holy grail status because I think there may always be something better out there. But I’m still desperately seeking for a perfect foundation and mascara.

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    • Eight, it’s hard to find a good concealer indeed! Have you tried Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer? It’s expensive, but it does a great job at covering my very bad dark circles. They also make a Corrector, which is very good too.

  1. Foundation.

    Between choosing the right colour, texture and having it work well with my skin… It’s tough finding the right one.
    Add to that the exorbitant prices around here and it’s pretty much luck of the draw.
    (I’m currently using ColorStay for normal/oily skin and it works well and 150 matches me well, but it’s really tough to get off at the end of the day.
    It also might be a bit dry for me, and may be giving me blemishes, but I couldn’t say that for sure since I haven’t used it on a daily basis because of the problems with removal.)

    But I am so happy that I found my second Holy Grail mascara :D – Golden Rose 3D Fantastic Lash, w00t!

    • Ana, I feel your pain! I have the same problem. Whenever I find a foundation that matches me well, it either has an awful texture, or it doesn’t last long, or it costs an arm and a leg.. argh!

      But I’m glad you’ve found two holy grail mascaras! yay! :)

  2. I LOVE Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I have really bad acne and lots of blemishes and scars. I’m also half Japanese and half Irish so my coloring is bit different, light skin but yellow base (i feel most light foundations are pink based) ANYWAYS… the Maybelline Fit Me foundation is my favorite and in my budget. If you haven’t tried it, i suggest it.

    • Similar problem: Irish, lots of mixed Euro stuff, and Seneca. Pale yellowish skin that tans easily, but usually unevenly. If you like the Fit Me, try Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind, too. It’s SPF 18. I use the 130 Buff Beige, but it’s lighter than it looks in the bottle, so I have to go a shade darker.
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      • Thurisaz, it really is difficult to find a good foundation when you have pale skin. Thanks for your recommendation, I’ll see if I can find it. :)

    • Krista, base products are the hardest to find. But I’m glad that you managed to find several HG products lately, that’s wonderful! :)

    • Harshleen, the only lip balm I can think of at the moment which has SPF 30 is Blistex Clear Advance, but I’m pretty sure it uses chemical sunscreen agents.. There are a few lip balms that have mineral sunscreens but have lower SPF..

    • Mineral sunscreen usually won’t have an SPF higher than 10 or 15 from zinc oxide, unless they add non-mineral stuff. Actual concentrations and SPF varies from brand to brand because of concentration of the zinc oxide, so check the label.
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      • Thurisaz, most brands that use Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide do use other sunscreen agents in their products. I think ZO and TD can provide higher protection than SPF15 if you use very high concentrations, but then they would leave behind a white cast which puts people off..

  3. Mascara that doesn’t make my eyes puffy and itchy and swollen. O.o I have really long eyelashes, but they’re really light so you can’t see them. I love dark eyeshadow too, so it always looks odd without mascara. Please someone! Make an awesome no-flakes no-itch mascara!

    • Thurisaz, I’m sorry mascaras have that effect on you, it’s awful! I hope someone will listen to your request, cos I would love a mascara like that too.

    • Makeup Morsels, that’s wonderful that you’ve found all your holy grail products. You should write a post listing all of them.. :)

  4. The perfect yellow eyeshadow? Lol!

    Yes, I am obsessed with yellow eyeshadows because it just makes my eye look pop! But I am still searching for the perfect yellow.

    And a firming and lifting mask that really works, like works instantly. Lancome Renergie Morpholift comes close to holy Grail but still not quite there.
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      • Ana, I know what you mean. I have some quite good yellow eyeshadows, but the one that is yellow yellow that will look yellow yellow on my lids…. I haven’t found!

        Most of the time, they are just a variation of the bright true yellow colour.
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        • With primer, have you tried Shiro Cosmetics’ Pikachu? It’s BRIGHT yellow with red superfine glitter. I also have Conservation of Momentum and I Feel Fantastic. There was a Max Factor one that was REALLY yellow, but it’s been discontinued for awhile. -_- I really liked that one. Monistat Anti-chafe Gel is a good primer if you’re out of one; it’s almost ingredient-for-ingredient Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and it’s only a few bucks a tube. Without primer, makeup doesn’t tend to be very bright on me.
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    • La Bisbetica, I find your requests very reasonable. Sadly such products are hard to find. I’ve only found the concealer so far. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is very good at covering dark circles and lasts all day. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Italy but can always be bought online..

  5. - SPF lip balm that won’t dry my lips, doesn’t leave my lips white and has decent UV filters (I don’t think there is such thing…)
    – A better face sunscreen…the one that I use makes my face very shine after a couple of hours. Mattifying sunscreens are usually a pain to apply and re-apply (it’s impossible to look good after this), because they start to flake and peel:( (some more than others). I really don’t get how some people can apply make up on top of Anthelios fluid XL! I am forced to choose between looking shiny and having white flakes all over my face:(.
    – A very gentle cleanser that doesn’t not turn my face into a “cactus”

    • Mylanqolia, oh I would love a lotion that gets rid of pimples for good! Someone should invent that, they’d become rich straight away lol. But I don’t think there are many hopes of that happening any time soon either… But finding a good mascara may be easier. ;)

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