Product Review: Roberts Aqua Distillata Alle Rose (Distilled Rosewater)

Name: Aqua Distillata Alle Rose (Distilled Water)
Brand: Roberts
Size: 300ml
Price: €3,39

From the packaging:
Roberts Distilled Water is ideal to use after cleansing face and neck to tone skin and give it back all its natural freshness. Thanks to its delicate formula, its helps prevent redness and irritations caused by external agents.

What I liked:
– refreshes skin
– removes all traces of makeup
– has antioxidant properties
– lovely rose scent

What I didn’t like:
– contains nasty preservatives

Roberts Distilled Rosewater has been around for more than 100 years! It was created by English chemist Henry Roberts, who had a shop in Florence, in 1867 and soon became an iconic product used by generations of women. I’ve been attracted to it ever since I started getting into makeup and skincare as a teenager but, because toners just don’t seem to do anything for my combination skin, I had never come round to trying it. Then, a while ago, my mum bought a bottle and I decided to steal borrow it and finally satisfy my curiosity.

The Distilled Rosewater, which comes in a blue vintage-style plastic bottle, has a lovely rose scent. It provides a refreshing feeling to skin and removes any traces of makeup your cleanser may have left behind. In addition, the rose extract also has emollient and antioxidant properties that, in the long run, will help prevent the first signs of aging. However, my skin doesn’t look different nor has improved since I started using the toner, so I think I’ll stop applying it soon. I like the fact it has antioxidant properties, but so do lots of other products. This doesn’t mean that the toner doesn’t work. I think it will benefit those with dry skin who need a hydrating toner, but sadly it doesn’t really seem to do much for my combination skin.

I also don’t like the preservatives used in this toner. It contains both Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, which are very irritating and could also cause allergic reactions. I don’t mind preservatives in cosmetics as they protect us against bacteria, which are a lot more dangerous, and make our products last longer, but these two are such common allergens that, imo, it’s best to avoid them completely. I’d rather it contained parabens which, unlike popular opinion, are perfectly safe. There is no scientific proof that they are bad for health or cause cancer, and the risk of irritation is much, much lower. Oh well, at least it doesn’t contain alcohol so it won’t dry out skin.

Available at: Italian supermarkets and beauty stores,

Roberts Aqua Distillata Alle Rose (Distilled Rosewater) has antioxidant properties, removes traces of  makeup from skin and gives it a refreshing feeling. It also has a lovely rose smell. Although it didn’t do much for my combination skin, I think it would benefit those with dry skin more because of its emollient properties. However, it contains some very irritating preservatives.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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  1. says

    The bottle looks so lovely. It has that vintage feel that I love. I’m so sorry that it doesn’t do anything for you. I normally don’t use toners as they don’t do anything for my skin, either. However, rose water does smell really nice and it may help you relax.
    Dao´s last blog post ..A Surprised Benefit of Using the StairsMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dao, I don’t use them either as they don’t really work for me but this one really attracted me and I was hoping it’d work better. Oh well, at least it’s smells really nice indeed. :)

  2. Jes Baldacchino says

    I have been using this product for years now and it’s absolutely the best lotion or toner to use as an After Shave. It leaves your face soft. cool and practically it has the feeling as if you have used a moisturiser. Great Product

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