QOTW: What Beauty Products Won’t You Buy Online?

What beauty products won’t you buy online?

Beautiful with brains says: I hate buying foundations and concealers online, unless I have already found a good match instore. Otherwise it’s just too risky and you may waste a lot of money on something you won’t be able to use.

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    • Marina, I did too a couple of times but they turned out not to be vey good matches for my skintone so these days I’d rather not risk it. :)

    • Vonnie, I agree! It often happens to get the wrong shade in the store, finding a good match online is even harder.

  1. Strangely I can’t think of ANYthing! I do buy foundations online – normally the very palest in any make does me fine :) Even in summer! I think my online shopping is due to the fact that the only time that I’m near a ‘decent’ shop I have children and/or husband with me, and they hate spending time in cosmetics areas – my fourteen-year-old son won’t even set foot in The Body Shop or Superdrug! And taking my sixteen-year-old daughter with me just works out expensive :)

    • Viv, that’s great that you can buy foundations online without problems, lucky you! Going beauty shopping with the family can cause some problems indeed.. lol.. my boyfriend won’t set foot in the stores either so I always end up having to go back another day cos I feel guilty leaving him outside all alone lol. But I prefer shopping online actually as it’s more convenient to get what I want just by sitting at home.. although some products should be tried in store first..

    • La Bisbetica, that’s too bad! The same thing happened to me (although I threw it away after a few months) and it’s really annoying. :(

    • Vonvon, I actually prefer to buy online. More time to browse and can get whatever I want conveniently delivered at home. The frauds and all those stuff are worryingly though so I can see why you don’t like buying things online. I usually pay with paypal so I don’t have to give my card details and use a debit card that I recharge whenever I want to make a purchase. That way, even if my card gets stolen or something, they won’t be able to steal more than a couple of euros if they’re lucky.. although having to report it and get a new one would a great hassle anyway..

    • Greece, I understand why you don’t like buying makeup online but I think that if you buy from reputable stores and only use a debit card that you recharge only when you need to make a purchase, the risks are really minimal. Of course, you won’t be able to feel the texture and all that, but I think that buying online is a nice way of getting at least those brands not available locally.

    • Annabella, perfume is very difficult to buy online too I agree. Perfumes are really subjective and it’s hard to know if you’re gonna like a scent until you try it.

    • Stavroula, I’m wary of purchasing high-end brands online unless it is from a reputable online shop. But when you consider shipping costs too, it may be best to get them at your local shop anyway. :)

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