Product Review: Inis by Fragrances Of Ireland

Name: Inis
Brand: Fragrances Of Ireland
Size: 30ml and 50ml
Price: €24.00 and €29.00

What I liked:
– wonderful refreshing scent
– a little goes a long way
– unisex
– longlasting
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– if you like very sweet, floral scents, this is not for you
– it is quite strong so you need to be careful not too apply too much

As my regular readers know, I love oriental and woody scents but every now and then, I like to wear something different. That’s when I usually go for refreshing, aquatic scents so, when Fragrances of Ireland, a small fragrance house based in County Wicklow (Ireland), asked me if I wanted to try their Inis Cologne Spray, a fragrance inspired by the sea, I eagerly said yes. The fragrance, which comes in a simple see-through bottle with a cap that resembles two pebbles you can find on a beach, also has a powerful message: that no one is an island (inis means island in Irish) but that we are all connected by seas, our dreams and our experiences. I love the concept but what about the fragrance?

When I first spray it on, I smell the sea. The marine notes intertwine with Bergamot and Sicilian Lemon, creating a sparkling and strong (but not overpoweringly so) blend that makes you feel like you’re walking on sea shore on a bright and clear summer day. After a while, the citrus notes disappear and are replaced by the lily of the valley, while the aquatic notes become deeper, darker and more noticeable. The drydown, with notes of sandalwood and musk, is sweeter and warmer.

Overall, Inis is a very refreshing, crispy and cool scent with an interesting blend of notes. It’s perfect for summer but can be worn all year round, both by men and women. The marine notes are strong and somewhat masculine, but yet the fragrance has a certain sweetness to balance things out. It’s a fragrance that will attract women without putting men off. A truly unisex blend that smells good on everyone. And it lasts long too. You just need one little spritz (unless you want everyone in a room to smell it too) and it will last from morning till night.

The fragrance is available in three sizes: 30ml (€24.00), 50ml (€29.00) and 100ml (€$39.00). Because you need so little for each application, the bottle will last you for ages so I think the price is just right and reasonable. If you’re still ain’t sure, the company also gives you the opportunity to try a sample size (2ml). You will only be asked to pay a small fee for shipping costs and, together with your sample, you will receive a discount code to that value which you could use should you decide to purchase the full size! Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

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Inis by Fragrances Of Ireland is a refreshing, cool and crisp scent that smells like the sea. The marine notes can be smelled throughout the fragrance and are intertwined first with sparkling citrusy notes, then with sweet lily of the valley and finally with warm sandalwood and musk. The scent is not too strong and masculine but neither two sweet, so it is truly unisex and lasts all day. However, it needs to be applied sparingly not to become overpowering. The packaging is pretty too.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. In addition, the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, it really is a wonderful fragrance. You can distinctly smell the sea at first, but then warmer and sweeter notes appear, creating a really nice blend.

  1. says

    Hi beautifulwithbrains – thank you so much for your wonderful review on our Inis the energy of the Sea fragrance. We are delighted that you like it so much. For your readers – why not check out our full range of Inis products on our website – especially our Inis Moonlight eau de parfum which has been designed to layer over Inis the energy of the sea as an evening fragrance.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Fragrances of Ireland, thank you for sending it to me. It really is an interesting and lovely aquatic fragrance and I love that it is unisex.

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