A Year Ago on BWB: The October Edition

At what age should I start exfoliating?: exfoliation is an important step in anyone’s skin care routine. It removes the dead cells on the surface of the skin thus revealing the brighter skin underneath, making you look younger. It also helps to prevent breakouts. But at what age should we start exfoliating? Can we start in our teens or is it better to wait?

Do false lashes in mascara ads annoy you?: models wearing false lashes in mascara ads is a huge pet peeve of mine. It’s really obvious that no mascara can make lashes look as they do in these ads and it doesn’t do the brand any favours. It just tells consumers that the mascara is not really that good, otherwise why the need to use false lashes? I really wish they just showed us how their mascaras, and not fake lashes or photoshop, make lashes look. *sighs*

What’s The Truth About Lead In Lipsticks?: concerns about lead in lipsticks keep creeping up every now and then. But is really true that companies put lead in their cosmetics? And is it really dangerous as critics would want us to believe or is it just another claim blown out of all proportions?

Michael Todd Long Wear Creme Shadows Review: I usually avoid cream eyeshadows because, having somewhat oily lids, they tend to crease and fade on me just after 3 or 4 hours of wear. Not these. Michael Todd Long Creme Eyeshadows are really as long lasting as they claim and stay put for the entire day. And they have great color payoff too!

How to use green concealer: Have you ever come across a green concealer or primer at a beauty store and wondered what it could possibly be used for? I did. As it turns out, it can be really useful to conceal certain types of imperfections. Read to the article to find out more.

Layla Miracle Glosses review: these are some of my favourite glosses. The pigmentation is outstanding for a gloss: you get opaque color payoff with just one swipe! And they also have a beautiful shiny finish and a not-sticky texture.

Source: Vectorjungle.com
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