Product Review: Hermes Kelly Caléche Eau De Parfum

Name: Kelly Caléche
Brand: Hermes
Size: 3.3 fl.oz
Price: $145.000

What I liked:
– wonderful scent
– not overpowering
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– too subtle
– the price

Kelly Caléche by Hermes takes its name from the original Caléche perfume and the famous Kelly handbag. The fragrance promises to evoke the scent of the leather of the bag and this, coupled with the ad, showing a modern amazon carrying a whip, may give us the impression that the fragrance is strong and daring. I was both relieved and disappointed to know that’s not the case. Relieved because I was afraid the leather would be too strong (leather is not one of my favourite notes in perfumes) and disappointed because it is too subtle, almost bland.

Kelly Caléche opens with a sparkling note of grapefruit, which I didn’t expect but liked. Soon, the floral heart takes over. It is very soft and the notes are so muddled, for lack of a better word, that it is almost impossible to distinguish them. I can detect a hint of iris and rose, but the lily of the valley and the mimosa I can’t smell at all. It is at this point that leather makes its appearance but, just like the florals, it is very subtle and you have to smell very carefully to detect it.

Kelly Caleche is a refined and elegant fragrance, youthful enough to attract young girls without resulting unappealing to adult women, and easily wearable. And while a spritz lasts the entire day, the fragrance is so subtle that you just forget to have it on because you can’t really smell it unless you press your nose to your wrists. Now, I don’t like strong fragrances that can be smelt a mile away, but if I wear a scent (and especially if that scent is very expensive as Kelly Caleche is) I want to be able to smell it throughout the day. It really is a shame that the fragrance is so subtle cos the fragrance itself is really wonderful and classy (if you can smell it, that is).

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Kelly Caleche is a very easily wearable fragrance that will appeal to everyone. It opens with citrusy notes, develops into a floral bouquet and ends with leather. Elegant and refined, the scent is not daring nor strong. In fact, it is so subtle that you can barely smell it. This, coupled with the high price tag, brought the overall rating down.

Rating: 3/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Celina, I love Hermes too. If you like understated fragrances you might enjoy this. It is really subtle but smells wonderful.

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