Product Review: Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Patches

Name: Pure Skin Anti-Spot Patches
Brand: Essence
Size: 2×12 pieces
Price: €1,99

From the packaging:
These transparent, anti-spot patches have a deep penetrating effect and are especially effective as an overnight-treatment. Spots will dry out, redness will be reduced, and spots will be less visible.

What I liked:
– dries out pimples and reduces their appearance
– you get 24 patches
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t completely eliminate spots

When I was younger, my face looked like a pimple playground. They would just sprung up everywhere and I didn’t know what to do about it. It was so frustrating! It took me years to realize that I was just using the wrong skincare products for my skin (yes, Nivea products, I’m talking to you) and after I ditched them, my face finally cleared up. These days I rarely get pimples but I still like to have some spot treatment at hand for emergencies.

That’s why the last time I went to the Essence counter I decided to purchase the Pure Line Anti-Spot Patches. The cute cardboard box contains two sheets with 12 round and transparent patches each that retail at only €1,99. If you don’t get pimples too often, they’re gonna last for quite a while. If instead, you have acne or are just prone to bad breakouts, these will be useless to you so you can just skip them.

The instructions on the packaging say to apply a round patch on the pimple right before going to bed. That’s because these patches need to be left on the skin for about 8-10 hours to be effective and you wouldn’t really wanna use them during the day when you have to go out. They may be transparent and not too obvious, but still visible. So, when one day I noticed a pimple started to appear, I placed the patch on it (make sure your skin is clean and dry) and went to sleep.

I didn’t expect the patch to completely remove the zit but I was hoping it would reduce its appearance and I’m pleased to report that it did. The pimple had somewhat dried out, wasn’t red and its size reduced. Because of it, it did heal sooner than normal. But while I find that these patches do exactly what they say, they didn’t really wow me. Yes, they work quite well for emergencies but I think there are better spot treatments available on the market.

Available at: Essence counters

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Patches comes with 12 round and transparent patches to apply on pimples overnight. They dry the pimple, reduce its size and the redness but don’t make it go away completely. It makes pimples heal faster though and the price’s cheap.

Rating: 4/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I like the idea too. Sadly, I don’t think miracle fix exist yet but it could have performed a bit better. Still, it does what it promises to do even if it takes a little while.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, they are nice to have around for emergencies but my favourite treatment is simply Tea Tree Oil. That works really well. :)

  1. M says

    They stop my spots in there tracks. They stop me touching the spot, making it worse or spreading acne. Also good for spots with hair re growth.
    I really recommend a try.

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