How To Prevent Lipstick From Feathering

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As we get older, fine lines start to appear on our lips too, making lipstick application more difficult. Lipstick tends to slide into these fine lines and this can be both ugly and embarrassing. Luckily, the problem is easy to fix and there are several ways to do it:

1. Create a smooth surface

Exfoliate your lips to get rid of all those dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin, causing an uneven application of lipstick. There are lots of lip exfoliants on the market, but you can also make your own. Exfoliating your lips is something you should do often to keep them soft and looking their best but if you don’t feel like doing it daily and still wanna wear lipstick, then you can use lip primers or foundations instead. These products contain silicones which will form a layer on the lips, creating a smooth and even canvas for your lippie.

2. Use a lip liner

Lip liners are very underrated makeup products. They may seem pointless and superfluous but they are actually very helpful at preventing your lipstick from feathering and bleeding. This is especially important if you’re wearing a bold or dark lipstick shade. Get a nude lip liner shade (you can also use one that perfectly matches your lipstick shade) and outline your lips with it. This will prevent it from bleeding. Now, fill the rest of the lips with it to create a base for lipstick to stick to and avoid getting into fine lines.

3. Powder and blot

If you really aren’t a fan of lip liners, there’s still another trick you can try instead. Grab your face powder and lightly apply some of it on your lips. This will help makeup stay put longer and not stray into fine lines. Now, apply your favourite lipstick and then blot. Repeat the first two steps. Blotting again won’t be necessary.

Do you know any other tips to prevent lipstick from feathering?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, that’s great that you started wearing sunscreen on your lips. It’s so easy to forget to apply it there, unfortunately, but our lips need it too. And I agree that keeping lips hydrated makes a big difference, thanks for sharing.

  1. says

    i have a lipliner that seems never ending. LOL. i only use it for dinner when i can’t be reapplying my lipstick all the time

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