Sunday Beauty Reads, 17/07/11

As my regular readers know I stopped reading women’s magazines years ago because they just make women feel bad about themselves. But I still love reading Vanity Fair (the Italian version, I haven’t read foreign ones so I’m not sure if they are just as good). The beauty section is small and just features the usual, boring press releases and the mag has too many ads (although a lot less than mags such as Marie Claire or Vogue) but it has lots of interesting articles to read. They talk about politics and what’s going on in the world in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone and do interesting interviews. I like that they focus more on the album/movie/fashion line a celeb has created/appeared in instead than gossip or stupid questions like “what kind of biscuit would you be?” (If you want to know, I’d be a very bad-tasting one so no one would eat me, ha!). Overall, although a few small sections are quite shallow, this is a clever and interesting magazine. What’s your favourite women’s magazine?

And now, this week’s beauty reads:

The Beauty Brains wonders if eyebrow gel is that different from clear mascara?

Makeup And Beauty Blog reviews Urban Decay Fall 2011 Collection.

Chemists Corner wonders if hair strenghtening products really make hair stronger?

Clumps Of Mascara reviews Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks.

Renee Rouleau wonders if airplane travel can increase breakouts?

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  1. says

    I, too, read Vanity Fair (actually brought mine to the beach with me today), though I read the U.S. version. I like it for the same reasons you mentioned and find that its incorporation of more substantial articles from a variety of areas is similar to the direction I’d like to go with in my own endeavors. I do also read Glamour, Marie Claire, Lucky, and People StyleWatch, more so for inspiration and ideas but often find myself shying away from them at times (Marie Claire is currently being shunned) because their content can sometimes be condescending and contradictory as well as the fact that I know I am not a member of their target audience. At the same time, I look through them knowing these things and keep them in mind and take notes about what I find to be the Dos and Don’ts regarding the magazines themselves.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Emi Love, I’m glad you enjoy it too. I like that Vanity Fair has a mixture of superficial and serious articles. We all enjoy some light reading every now and again but at the same time that is well balanced by substantial articles. I really wish all the best in achieving your goal and create a similar magazine. I tried reading the other mags you mentioned but I gave up long ago. Their Italian versions are just too superficial and they only feature ads. I swear I went through whole issues without finding a single article to read (there were only a very few on relationship and beauty advice but they were really silly or just press releases). I really hope foreign versions are better. But it’s good that you are aware of their faults and take notes of them. After all, you can’t improve something if you aren’t aware of what needs to be improved.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Marina, I have the book on my to-read pile but I haven’t started it yet. I hope you are enjoying it. Maybe the mags in Ukraine are better than their Italian versions? I do think though, that it’s mostly women with low self-esteem that feel bad about themselves when they look at the photoshopped pictures and read some of the silly advice mags give. If you are aware that’s all an illusion, you can enjoy them without feeling bad about yourself. Although I do prefer mags that offer a bit of both fashion and serious articles and sadly very few mags seem to offer that, at least here. And I don’t really mind the ads per se, it’s just when there are more ads than articles that it irritates me. :)

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