QOTW: Do you try to get other people interested in makeup and skincare?

Do you try to get other people interested in makeup and skincare?

Beautiful with Brains says: I used to try but have given up as no one I know seems interested in the beauty world. I can’t even convince people how important it is to wear sunscreen everyday. *sighs*

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    • Marie, I’m so glad to hear that, you made my day. :) It is so important to wear sunscreen everyday and I’m glad you’re now doing it too. Now I just have to convince my friends to do it as well..

    • Marina, people usually ask me too. I guess that’s what happens when everyone knows you are a beauty addict eheh. But I still sometimes give advice to my friends and family on how to take care of their skin properly but they don’t seem to care lol.

  1. i try with my blog and on facebook/twitter….in real life, I try because I work at Ulta so I’m always convincing people to try things out and with my friends/family i’m always trying to get them to spruce up or let me make them over :) they’ve caught on a lot more

    • Vonnie, lucky you, I would love to work in a shop like Ulta too. And your customers are lucky too to be helped by someone who actually knows about makeup and beauty (most SAs here just don’t have a clue really). :)

    • Vonvon, eheh. It can be frustrating when people don’t listen to you, especially about sunscreen. It’s so important to use that. *sighs*

    • Krista, I get that too, the weird looks, especially when I tell them to use sunscreen daily. People here seem to think it’s something you need only at the beach. It must be a cultural thing or something… And yay for starting your own blog and connecting with other beauty addicts eheh. :)

  2. It’s not really a conscious effort but i do try somehow! haha I don’t care if they follow the advice or not, i think it’s worth something just increasing their awareness so they can decide whether they wanna take action in due time.

    • Mandy, I agree with you. I think it’s important to educate people and raise aweaeness, and then it’s up to them to decide what to do. You can’t do more than that really.

  3. Yes, and sometimes I even succeeded! Recently I finally convinced my father to use sunscreen when he works in the garden and I get one friend of mine into the world of on-line beauty shops. But many suggestions, like eye shadow primer and brushes, are still not taken seriously.

    • La Bisbetica, yay for succeeding! Well done. :) I hope people will start listening to your other tips now too.

    • Makeup Morsels, I so know how you feel! I keep telling my friends how important it is to wear sunscreen every day and they look at me as if I’m nuts. It’s sad cos I know they’re gonna regret it when they’re older but what can you do?

  4. I don’t talk to them about it anymore since they don’t listen, lol! BUT they do come to me for beauty advice when they want it. Then I tell them that they should’ve listened to me blab about it earlier, haha!

    • Ana, I’m sure that would get some people interested.. and it’s a nice way to give people advice without them feeling like you’re talking down to them. :)

  5. Im 11 and when i grow up its my flipping dream to be a fashion and beauty consultant! Yes I try to get people intrested in fashion & beauty, it works sometimes!

    • Prettykitty, that’s a wonderful job, I wish all the best with it! And it’s great that you’re already succeeding in getting people interested in fashion and beauty. :)

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