New Collections: Essence 50’s Girls Reloaded Summer 2011

Fancy setting sail on a journey back in time to the 50’s this summer? Then come on board with Essence this July and enjoy their 50’s Girls Reloaded collection. Inspired by the 50’s and the maritime lifestyle of the period, this collection features intensive blue and red shades mixed with soft gold hues housed in a cute retro packaging. I admit I don’t find the shades very interesting but I’m gonna pick up something anyway just for the packaging. Just looking at it puts me into a summer mood. What about you? Here’s what’s on offer:

These eyeshadows have a creamy texture and are available in 01 I’m a marine girl, 02 you’re a heartbreaker e 03 come on board captain.

EYE PENCIL (€1,49)
Available in 01 you’re a heartbreaker, 02 I’m a marine girl e 03 love me tender.

Suitable for all skin types, it gives your a radiant, matt complexion and makes your makeup last longer. Available in 01 ahoy!.

LIPSTICK (€2,79)
Bright and beautiful lips are a part of every true 50’s look. Achieve them with these creamy, strongly pigmented lipsticks in 01 back to the 50’s e 02 I’m sailing.

These longlasting nail polishes are available in 01 ahoy!, 02 back to the 50’s, 03 I’m a marine girl, 04 love me tender e 05 you’re a heartbreaker.

A dual-ended eyeshadow brush. Apply eyeshadow with the larger brush and then use the smaller end to shade and blend the colors.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. says

    I am liking that duo-sided brush(The lipsticks look nice too, but I am not a fan of their formula) …I hope this collection is available in US.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Citrine, I’m curious to try the eyeshadow brush too, sounds nice and you can’t beat the price. I hope you’ll get the collection in the USA too.

  2. Meshmesha says

    I got the powder to set my concealer with , it is completely white ..but I think it would be transparent when blended ..I was about to get the brush but it was so over priced here..I wasn’t interested in the eyshadows as well ..

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Meshmesha, yes, I think it would turn transparent too or it would be pretty useless. And what a shame the brush was so overpriced!

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