Do you like lip palettes?

Do you like lip palettes?

Beautiful with brains says: it depends. They aren’t that convenient to carry around and you need a brush to apply them, but if the colors are pretty and pigmented, I’ll still buy them. It’s a shame, that most lip products in palettes are very often really sheer and just look all the same when applied though.

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Jamilla, I agree with you. I like to apply products from the tube so I prefer single lippies as well. But some lip palettes are too pretty to resist.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I have a few palettes that have both eyeshadows and lip products but I’m not too fond of those as they get polluted and messy so soon!

      And I prefer to apply lip products from the tube too, it’s faster and more convenient.

  1. says

    I’m probably one of the few people that love lip palettes…*grins* got quite a few of them and love them to bits! I usually end up etching patterns in them with the brush when I use them, cheap thrill! :p

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Beetrice, I’m glad you enjoy them! I prefer to apply lip products from the tube but lip palettes can be convenient to have. Oh, the etching pattern thingie is such a cute idea! :)

  2. says

    You know what? Lip palettes are my least interest for the past years, but just recently, I am searching for one, I’ve been meaning to purchase one that has all the shades I need, a good pink, a good peach/coral a good red ! I’ve been lugging loads of lipsticks on my makeup kit and its heavy!!!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Xin, I agree, they can get so messy after a while. I think they might be convenient to carry on holidays, but around with you during the day.. not really.. :(

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      AshleyLee, I think they have their pros and cons. But a lip palette has to REALLY impress me for me to buy it. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Vesna, I agree they are very handy for MUAs. Most of them are really sheer though, which is a shame. :(

  3. shusheshe says

    I have one from Bobbi Brown, and it’s probably the last lip palette I’ll ever get since it’s just not convenient.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Shusheshe, aww what a shame! But I get what you mean, it’s just easier to apply products from the tube and carrying around lip palettes for daily touch-ups just isn’t convenient.

  4. says

    I have a lot of beauty questions I need advice on because I tried posting them on Yahoo Answers and didn’t get any good answers. Some are kind of long…
    First of all what should I do for my skin that has really bad blackheads and clogged pores?

    What can I do to help my extremely fine hair from looking so thin and limp?
    My hair is naturally extremely fine but I want it to be fluffy and bouncy and full looking.
    Suggestions for products and styling? It is also very very straight so no straighter for moi.

    My hair looks oily no matter how much I wash. I think it is mostly hormonal because I forgot my birth control for a month and even though I wash my hair everyday it still looks oily like I haven’t washed it. :/ Usually it isn’t this bad bit when I forget my birth control it is bad.
    The way I can get rid the only is to wash it with dishsoap. How can I avoid this (obviously remember the pill) but what I mean is what shampoo should I use? I have tried everything organic and non organic, from Herbal Essences to Lush’s shampoo bar. So PLEASE don’t say Herbal Essences, that stuff doesn’t help it at all. Does anyone know any shampoos that would help? I wash my hair everyday and never ever use conditioner because it makes my hair look like it hasn’t been washed in weeks.

    What colours would you recommend for my wardrobe and make-up? I have extremely pale skin, dyed black hair and warm-toned brown eyes. What colours should I use in my make-up and wardrobe? I want to know what colours I should buy to compliment my colouring.

    What wardrobe tips would you recommend to compliment wide hips and a pear shaped body?

    How can stress acne be stopped. My job makes me super stressed.

    Why are Japanese beauty products of such a high degree of quality? Will ever review some?
    Courtney Belyea´s last blog post ..Please sign these petitions I wroteMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Courtney, for blackheads and clogged pores you should use a leave-on exfoliant with salicylic acid (also called) BHA. This ingredients exfoliates both the surface of the skin and inside the pores so it can unclog them and control oil production. Using clay mask at least once a week (depending on your skin type) also helps keep excess oil at bay and thus the pores free. Also avoid moisturizers which are too emollient.

      I have fine and straight hair too that just won’t hold volume for more than a few hours, it’s so annoying! I still haven’t found something that helps me achieve voluminous hair throughout the day but there are things that help, at least for a while. When you blowdry your hair, with a round brush, brush the hair up with a lifting motion. Brushing hair with your head upside down also helps too. Applying a mousse product with your finger with your head upside down is another thing that usually works.

      If your hair gets oily when you’re not on the pill, then taking the pill with probably solve the problem. I know that’s not always possible though. I have oily hair that gets greasy soon so what I do is use a regular shampoo every other day. There really isn’t a special shampoo for oily hair, I’ve tried so many and I’ve rarely been satisfied with them. Lately, I’ve found one from I Provenzali that works well but I don’t think that’s available where you live. I heard great things about Earthly Elements Hawaiian Ginger Normal to Oily Balancing Shampoo, it seems to work well for oily hair but I haven’t tried that yet. In any case, use a regular shampoo every other day and a clarifying shampoo (Pantene makes a good one) once a week. On days when you don’t wash your hair, use a dry shampoo. It will absorb the oil and make your hair look good.

      To compliment black hair and brown eyes, wear brown, purple, pink and blue shades. If you wear brown eyeshadow wear a bright lip color on the lips as some brown shades can look a bit dull otherwise. I find that pink-toned browns work better for pale skin but very pale, beige browns can make you look washed out.

      I’m not really the best person to ask fashion advice too as I’m not that into fashion lol but I know that to balance the bottom half of your body wearing tops with wide necklines or with puffed sleeves works very well. Low rise, boot-cut jeans or wide-leg jeans look good on a pear-shaped body. And wearing scarfs or necklaces will also draw attention on the upper half of your body.

      If acne is due to stress, then the best option would be to avoid stress or at least find ways to relax as soon as you get home. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help on this one.

      I would love to review some Japanese products but sadly they aren’t available here. Only a couple of brands are but they are so expensive! I’m not sure that Japanese cosmetics are better, I think it just depends on what you look for in a cosmetic product. I may change my mind when I try them though! :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Courtney, it’d be great to be able to splurge often, wouldn’t it? Luckily there are lots of great brands offering good quality products at affordable prices. Barry M and Sleek are the first two that spring to mind but I’m not sure they are available where you live. Wet N Wild has come out with some awesome and pigmented eyeshadow palettes lately, ELF studio brushes are very soft and work well (especially their powder and complexion brushes), Milani makes good eyeliners and blushes (love the Mineral Blush in Luminuous). NYX is another affordable brand that makes great products. Mmm, do you need any recommendations for something in particular?

  5. Mylanqolia says

    Nope. They are annoying. I’ve never bought any because they aren’t very handy if you aren’t a make-up artist. Btw, I love your new header. Looks cute!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Mylanqolia, I agree that they aren’t very handy if you aren’t a MUA. You’d have to really fall in love with the colors to purchase one imo. And thanks, I’m glad you like the new header. :)

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