Product Review: Milani Runway Eyes in Black Out

Name: Runway Eyes in Black Out
Brand: Milani
Size: 2.1g
Price: $5.99

From Milani’s website:
A silky-smooth powder eye shadow that delivers unbelievable color with a curved double ended applicator. The innovative shape of the curved applicator was designed for easy application. Use the sponge applicator WET or use a thin brush to apply as eye liner to create a glamorous, intense effect on the eyes. Use the brush applicator DRY for blending and shading for a subtle, natural finish

What I liked:
– nice color payoff when you used with a base
– very sparkly
– blends easily
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– it may be too shimmery for some people
– it needs a primer to last all day
– the packaging

When I first picked up Milani Runway Eyes in Black Out I felt like I was holding the night sky in my hand. In the pan, this shades looks absolutely stunning: a deep, dark blue with multicolored glitter that sparkle and shine a lot. It also looks quite scary as all that glitter could easily make anyone resemble a discoball. But, thankfully, it doesn’t. It is very shimmery but I don’t find it over the top at all although if you are a fan of matte shades, you won’t like it.

Although Milani says you can use this eyeshadow both wet and dry, Black Out is pretty useless when used dry. It barely shows up on bare skin so you would need to layer, and layer and layer again, only to see the color disappear after a few hours if your lids are oily. I haven’t used this eyeshadow wet as I’m not really a fan of wetting my eyeshadows but I didn’t really need to. To make Black Out work you just need an eyeshadow primer.

If you use a base, color payoff greatly improves but the color looks different from how it looks in the pan: it is a greyish black with multicolored glitters that’s perfect for smoking eyes. A base will also bring out the glittery particles more and ensure your makeup stays put the entire day. The texture is not very soft to the touch (but I didn’t expect it to be considering it is chock full of glitters), but it isn’t powdery and blends well.

I don’t like the packaging at all. It looks really cheap, doesn’t it? But then the eyeshadow is cheap so I can’t complain too much about it. It also comes with a dual-ended curved brush: you get a sponge applicator on one side and a brush on the other. While I like the concept, the brush is pretty much useless (but if you need to touch up your makeup and this is all you got I guess it’ll do) so I just use my own brushes instead.

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Milani Runway Eyes in Black Out is a pretty greyish black chock full of multicolored glitters but it needs to be used with a primer to get good color payoff that lasts all day. The texture is a bit gritty but not powdery and blends easily. The packaging however, is cheap and the brush useless.

Rating: 3/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Celina, I agree with you. It is a truly stunning color in the pan, what a shame it doesn’t translate on bare skin. It looks lovely on top of a primer though.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, yes, it doesn’t look that good without a primer. It improves with a base though. I think the quality of each shade in this line is different. I have another eyeshadow from this range (spotlights, a brown shade now discounted hence why I didn’t review it too) that has good color payoff even when used alone.

  1. says

    I have two or three shades of the same product line. From people who stock the item, the packaging is cheap- and worse, the makeup falls apart VERY easily. Like, the slightest bump or fall can shatter the whole cake into powder. Powder that gets on everything because the pans don’t quite close- they are not airtight. I have a very tan, glittery makeup bag, thanks to Milani.

    That being said, some shades are excellent when dry, depending on intent. If I have a purple that is slightly* too light, I can wear a little dry black Milani over it to make it dark and glittery. A setting spray keeps it in place. Sand (the pale tan one) is awesome on it’s own for a glittery highlighter on tan skin. Otherwise, apply it wet. It will go on much darker, and last much longer. I have skin that dramatically changes from oily to dry, so I never go without primer regardless of what’s going on with my skin. I have a dry MAC primer for oily days and a silicon-based primer for dry days.

    The brush, as you stated, is pretty much useless. The shape is awkward, the pad falls off quickly, and the brush is fine- but hard to use because of the shape of the applicator. Not bad if brushing on a quick shimmery highlight or all over the lid for a faint sheen, but not incredible. I still have the first brush (not the pad side) that I got with this eyeshadow from three years ago. It stands up well in tough conditions, but the shape! Oy.

    My suggestion? Get it home, put down some paper towels, and repot is ASAP. I prefer it loose, and it took absolutely no grinding to get it that way. All I did was chunk pieces off with sterilized tweezers, bit by bit, into a makeup jar. Shake the jar. You now have superfine loose powder. Enjoy!
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Thurisaz Sala’il, thanks for sharing these helpful tips. :)

      I have another shade from this line and when I received it (just like Black Out, I got it in a swap and came all the way from the USA to Italy) it was completely shattered so I just put the color into a jar. I didn’t mention it in the review cos I wasn’t sure it if that was because the color was fragile or because of some postman not handling the package carefully. Looks like it is the product that breaks easily (bummer) and I’m sorry to hear that it stained your makeup bag.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Stavroula, some of the eyeshadows from this line are very pigmented so it’s such a shame that a beautiful shad like this is so sheer. :(

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