Product Review: Fior Di Magnolia Crema Mani Protettiva Al Limone

Name: Crema Mani Protettiva Al Limone
Brand: Fior Di Magnolia
Size: 100ml
Price: €0,89

From the packaging:
It is a rapidly absorbed cream that, used regularly, soothes redness, cracking and dryness.

What I liked:
– moisturizes and soothes skin
– heals cracked skin
– doesn’t leave an oily residue behind
– the packaging
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t absorb quickly
– available only in Eurospin supermarkets

I have very dry hands and I love a bargain so when I saw Fior Di Magnolia Crema Mani Protettiva Al Limone (Lemon Protective Hand Cream) retailing at just €0,89 I couldn’t resist. I had to buy it and I’m glad I did because, even though it isn’t the best hand cream on the market, it performs really well and definitely a lot better than a lot of more expensive hand creams I’ve tried in the past.

White in color, this hand cream has a nice consistency that’s neither too thick nor too thin. It spreads easily on the skin and you only need a tiny amount so the tube (love the simple and hygienic packaging too) will last you for ages. The main downside of this cream though is that, it takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin, but once it does, it doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue behind.

The hand cream is also very moisturizing. It contains Glycerin, which is a humectant that draws water from the environment into the skin, Cetearyl Alcohol, a fatty alcohol that prevents water loss and leaves skin soft, and Paraffinum Liquidum, aka Mineral Oil (which is derived from oil, but it is a completely different substance from oil once refined!), one of the most moisturizing ingredients available.

You can feel its moisturizing effects as soon as you apply it. Now, my hands get all dry, red and sometimes cracked too in winter but this cream soothed the irritation and healed my skin in just a few days, leaving my hands soft, smooth and hydrated for hours. I only had to reapply it once or twice during the day but that’s not bad at all as my hands often get so dry that I need to reapply my hand cream more often than that to keep my hands in good condition.

Now, the scent. It is quite subtle and, despite the name of the cream, the lemon scent is almost imperceptible. It’s disappointing if, like me, you love all things lemon, but it’s always better than a cloying scent, isn’t it? Another disappointing thing is that Fior Di Magnolia products are available only in Eurospin supermarkets so if you don’t live in Italy or Slovenia you won’t be able to get your hands on this cream. :(

Available at: Eurospin supermarkets

Fior Di Magnolia Crema Mani Protettiva Al Limone is a white, not too thick hand cream that applies easily on the skin. It soothes irritations, heals cracks and keeps hands soft and moisturized for hours. And you just can’t beat the price! However, it takes a few minutes to absorb and it is only available in Eurospin supermarkets.

Rating: 4/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      La Bisbetica, I feel your pain! I have the same problem too but this cream does a good job in healing my skin and keeping it soft and moisturized. And you just can’t beat the price. :)

  1. Mylanqolia says

    It’s a pity that one can’t get hands on bargain-friendly products outside Italy/ Slovenia! This cream sounds very promising. I also have very dry hands (I could cream them every second) and I’m still searching for a reliable hand cream. Maybe I should try an organic one…

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Mylanqolia, it’s a shame indeed that it’s not available outside Italy and Slovenia. It’s a cheap and effective cream and I’m sure you would like it. Something organic sounds nice. Petroleum jelly is very effective too at treating dry hands. :)

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