Product Review: Silkygirl Moisture Gloss in Sweet Pink

Name: Moisture Gloss in Sweet Pink
Brand: Silkygirl
Price: about MYR10

From Silkygirl’s website:
It’s sheer brilliance on your lips with water-like effect. Infused with Aloe Vera to ensure lips remain moisturized and supple all day.

What I liked:
– sheer color payoff
– shiny finish
– not sticky
– doesn’t feel drying on the lips
– the packaging
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– lasting power, needs to be reapplied often

I was going through my stash a few days ago and stumbled on one of my favourite glosses that for some reason I’ve been neglecting for a while (me thinks I have too many lip products and it’s time to declutter). It’s Silkygirl Moisture Gloss in Sweet Pink and I’ve been wearing it a lot since I lately rediscovered it. Really, you can find some awesome things when you just shop your stash.

Sweet Pink is a beautiful pink shade infused with shimmers. Although quite sheer, it has enough pigment for the color to show up (but in a subtle way) while the shimmers make your pout sparkle and shine, but not too much. The result is very natural and wearable. The texture isn’t sticky at all and it feels very comfortable on the lips. I wouldn’t really say that the texture is moisturizing, but it doesn’t dry my lips either.

Staying power is just average. It lasts about 2 hours on my lips and, of course, it disappears when you drink or have a bite to eat, so you will have to reapply it throughout the day. But the gloss is easy to carry around in your purse with you and the packaging quite pretty. Granted, it’s not as chic as Chanel or Estee Lauder lipsticks, but it doesn’t look cheap either.

At the moment Silkygirl products are available only in very few Asian countries but if you manage to find them and want a nice, shimmery gloss that doesn’t break the bank, do check it out. I think it retails at under MYR10, but I got it through a swap so I don’t know the exact price. Please, let me know if you do. :)

Available at: pharmacies in Malaysia and Singapore

Silkygirl Moisture Gloss in Sweet Pink is a sheer pink gloss with shimmers that provides a soft and wearable wash of color and lots of shine. The texture is not very moisturizing, but it doesn’t dry lips either and it’s not sticky. However, staying power is average and it’s not easily available worldwide.

Rating: 4/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I noticed that too. It seems it is the stickiness that makes lipglosses last longer.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, do wear pink lips! They’re very pretty! This is a lovely shade and I love the packaging too.

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