Product Review: Esprit Styling Color Palette in Iceland Geyser

Name: Styling Color Palette in Iceland Geyser
Brand: Esprit
Size: 5g
Price: €6,95

From Esprit’s website: Silky texture, color doesn’t fade nor crease.

What I liked:
– nice combination of colors
– soft texture
– easy to blend
– colors are very wearable
– easy to travel with
– colors are numbered and come with instruction on how to create a look with them
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– not very pigmented
– colors need a primer to stay put all day
– texture is powdery

When you buy an eyeshadow quad, do you ever wonder how you can use all the colors together in one single look? I may be very adventurous with colors now but when I was a teenager just starting using makeup and being afraid of creating looks with more than two shades, I did wonder that myself a few times. But being a makeup newbie these days is much easier thanks to blogs, youtube and Esprit.

Esprit Styling Color Palette, available in 11 color combinations, has a number etched in each of the four shades included. On the back of the palette, there is a little drawing of a closed eyelid showing where each shade should be applied. It may not be that useful to makeup pros (and of course you can just use the shades in any other way you want to), but it sure is very handy for beginners.

But what about the quality of the eyeshadows? Well, they are just your average drugstore eyeshadows: used alone, they provide a sheer wash of color on the lids that only lasts about 3 hours before creasing and fading. But if you use a primer underneath, then the color payoff greatly improves and the shades easily last all day.

The one I have is called Icelandic Geyser and features a dark, rich green (the most pigmented shade in the palette), a light green, a sheer nude to highlight the browbone and a chocolate brown. The colors all compliment each other very well and, even though the texture is a bit powdery (but very soft to the touch), they all blend easily.

Overall, these aren’t the best eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried and none of the palettes available feature unique, hard-to-dupe shades, but they’re not really that bad considering the price. If you are on a budget or just a makeup newbie and don’t mind using a primer with them, you might enjoy them.

Available at: German drugstores

Summary Esprit Styling Color Palette in Iceland Geyser features four soft but powdery eyeshadows that need to be used with a primer to last all day. The pigmentation is quite poor when used alone, but a primer will fix that too, greatly improving color payoff. However, the palette is cheap and I like that it comes with instructions on how to use all the shades to create a single look as I think that would be very handy for beginners.

Rating: 3/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Celina, the colors are very pretty indeed. I wish they were more pigmented on their own but they work well over a primer. :)

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