QOTW: Do You Wear Bold Lip Colors?

Do you wear bold lip colors?

Beautiful with Brains says: I do, but it’s rare. I usually prefer to emphasize my eyes rather than my lips.

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    • Trisha, I think it’s nice to wear bold lips once in a while but I’d rather wear bold eyes too. It’s more fun.

    • La Bisbetica, bold lip colors are beautiul but not suitable for any occasion. I hope you’ll get the chance to wear them more often too.

    • Vonvon, emphasizing the eyes is more fun, isn’t it? But I love a bold lip with neutral eyes, it adds a nice pop of color to the face without being over the top.

    • Xin, I used to do that too. Bold lips can make you feel so self-conscious. But they are beautiful.

    • Makeup Morsels, eheheh, I used to be like that too but I’m slightly getting more adventurous as time goes by. I think wearing bold lips inside the house is a nice way to get used to them and build up the confidence to finally wear them outside one day.

      I’m sorry you have allergies too right now, they’re such a pain! I hope you’ll feel better soon.

    • Tammy, I agree. I have only recently started wearing them outside the house and it’s less time cosuming them doing bold eye looks. But I still prefer those more. :)

  1. Gosh, no! Bold lips scare me x.x And they make me look older too =/ But I guess if it’s a special (fashion/makeup related) event, I could dig out the confidence.
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    • Isabel, lol. Bold lips can be scary indeed. It has taken me a looong time to step outside the house wearing them lol. :)

  2. My philosophy is… If you got it, flaunt it… I like my lips and I like bright and bold lippies. So many colours and textures, so little time…. I would say that I do bold lips 4 days out of the week. Corals…. Fuchsia…. Classic Red…. Furthermore, as I’m getting older, I find that doing bold eyes is trickier, so bold lips are a good alternative for me.

    • Fabulous Fabs, I agree. If you have beautiful lips, you should flaunt them with bold colors. I also think that it’s easier to wear bold eyes when you are young and bold lips when you’re older. I’m definitely starting to appreciate bold lips more and more now that I’m getting older. :)

  3. I haven’t but I’m looking forward to – I’m going to Parov Stelar’s ( <3 !) concert this Tuesday and I decided on true red lipstick :D .

    I just wonder what the reactions will be, not because the lipstick/application itself, but because people aren't used to seeing me like that and that might bend (? not the right word in English…) their impressions of it, heh :) .

    • Ana, have fun at the concert! And I’m sure your friends will be positively surprised. It’s nice to wear something different every once in a while.

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