QOTW: What’s the worst nail polish you’ve ever tried?

What’s the worst nail polish you’ve ever tried?

Beautiful with brains says: Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in Mauve Diamonds! It is so sheer that, doesn’t matter how many coats you apply, you’ll never get an opaque coverage! The formula is also very runny and hard to apply, take ages to dry and chips soon. A complete waste of money!

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    • Fidya, I heard lots of mixed opinions about ELF polishes. Too bad this one didn’t work for you.

  1. For me it was an old red L’Oréal one, Jet Set diamant. Application was nice and it dryed quick, but it chipped after a couple of days, even using a topcoat! And stained my nails for weeks… No, thanks!
    I find Maybelline Express finish an average polish instead. I got two of them and always dry fast and last about 5 days with topcoat. I agree about the colour being too sheer.

    • La Bisbetica, that’s too bad! I hate it when polishes chip soon and stain nails! What a bummer!

  2. Really really love the quick dry avon nail polish! Dries quick, and the brush is great! All Avon anil polish is actually really good, highly recommend!

    • Chantal, they sound wonderful! I’ll give them a try, thanks! Is there any polish you don’t like instead?

  3. Bad nail polish I’ve tried a lot, but the most disappointing was a matte Layla (usually they make quite good polishes…): it started chipping as soon as it was dry. I’ve tried it with and without base coat, and it’s chip avenue whatever I try.
    Shame, because it’s a nice mauvey colour.

    • Leo, that’s too bad. I agree with you that Layla usually make great polishes (they dry so fast and have good color payoff), but every now and then you stumble onto one that is poorly formulated. What a shame!

  4. The worst one I’ve tried was one by Essence. It chipped after seconds. Nevertheless, I have a nail care polish by Essence that strengthens my waek and frail nails in a way. Unfortunately, it’s dicsontinued. Why on earth do I always learn to appreciate a product if it isn’t available anymore? Arrgh! Silly me. :-)

    • Mylanqolia, that Essence polish sounds awful, I hate it when polishes chip too soon! I usually like Essence polishes but you can find some bad ones in their range.

      And you’re not silly! Companies shouldn’t discount good products, that’s so frustrating!

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