DIY Beauty: Aspirin Treatment To Soothe Shaved Legs

As I have mentioned several times on this blog, my favourite hair removal method is shaving. That’s because shaving is fast and painless but unfortunately, it also irritates skin. I usually apply moisturizer on my skin after shaving, but a few days ago, I was in the mood to try a DIY recipe instead and surfed the ‘net for ideas on what I could use for it.

I stumbled on this useful recipe on Bella Sugar, which uses aspirin to soothe skin and decided to give it a go. And guess what? It worked really well! So, I decided to share it with you. Here’s what you need.

– 2 aspirin
– 1/4 cup of distilled water
– a few drops of glycerin
– 2 sheets of wax paper

Crush the aspirin between two sheets of wax paper and pour it into the cup of water to dissolve it. Add 3 drops of glycerin to it (glycerin prevents moisture from evaporating from your skin but it also dissolves the aspirin). Stir well until the aspirin is completely dissolved. Now, shave your legs as usual and then, using a cotton ball, apply the mixture to your skin. Doesn’t your skin feel soothed now?

What do you use to soothe your skin after shaving?

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  1. says

    This is interesting. I was just writing about an aspirin mask on my blog, but I haven’t heard about using aspiring for shaving. I don’t normally have any irritation from shaving, so I don’t think I’ve ever used anything to soothe my skin.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Jeni, lucky you! My skin often gets irritated after shaving if I don’t use something to soothe it. I only recently heard about aspirin to soothe skin and wasn’t sure how well it’d work, but I’m always willing to give things a try and I’m glad to say it did work well for me.

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