How To Prevent Cuts While Shaving

My favourite method of hair removal is shaving. It’s quick, painless and effective but sadly cuts and nicks are part of it too (especially if you are as clumsy as me lol). When I first started shaving my legs looked like they had been in a war zone and, in the summer, it made me very self conscious and I avoided wearing skirts and shorts because of it. But since then, I figured out some tips on how I can prevents cuts and nicks while shaving and since I know this is a common problem for a lot of people, I thought I’d share the tips with you:

1. Exfoliate before shaving
Before shaving, it is important to remove all the dead skin cells that are accumulating on our skin, causing cuts and nicks. You can buy an exfoliating body cream/gel but a simple washcloth will do the job as well. Afterwards, your skin will be smoother and the razor will glide more easily on your skin.

2. Shave in the right direction
The direction in which you shave your hair can greatly contribute to getting nicks and cuts. The best way to avoid that from happening is by shaving in the direction the hair grows (which is usually downwards). This way, it is also less irritating for the skin. Also, remember to always use short strokes when shaving!

3. Clean your razor regularly
Just like dead skin cells accumulating on the body can cause cuts and nicks, so can the hair that builds up on your razor while shaving. So, to prevent that, remember to wash your razor frequently when you shave to keep it clean and hair-free. In addition, when a razor becomes dull, throw it away. Passing over the same area several times because your razor isn’t cutting as well as before will only irritate skin and increase the risk of getting cuts and nicks.

4. Moisturize after shaving
Shaving can be irritating to the skin. So you should always apply a good moisturizer on your body afterwards to soothe skin and keep it soft and smooth. I also find that if I use hair conditioner instead than just a regular shaving cream, the razor glides on more smoothly and the conditioning agents in the formula also make my skin so soft!

Do you have any more tips on how to avoid nicks and cuts while shaving?

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  1. Nemia says

    Use olive oil or conditioner as shaving cream. Makes it much smoother.

    I use an epilation device every couple of months, but in between, I shave. The softer re growth after epilation is easier to shave, and the stubble from shaving is easier to epilate. Win-win.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Nemia, thank you for sharing these great tips. You are tempting to get an epilator and give it a try.

      And I agree with you that using conditioner makes the razor glide on smoother. And makes skin softer too. :)

  2. Angela says

    I use creams and aftershaves that contain aloe vera or tea tree oil extract after shaving to avoid skin irritation. Also, when I use double edge razors I do not have any cuts…
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