New Collection: Make Up For Ever Tres Vichy Spring 2011

If like me you’re into pink, cute and girly things, then you will fall in love with MUFE spring collection, called Tres Vichy. It was inspired by Brigitte Bardot’s “vichy” wedding dress when she married French actor Jacques Charrier and features a ’50s retro vibe that is reflected in the dainty and cute designs. And the pink and green shades of the products are very apt for the spring season too. But let’s see what’s on offer. Unfortunately I don’t know the prices yet but knowing MUFE they won’t be cheap. Still, I’m drooling over everything:

Available in four shades – Crystal White, Sweet Pink, Peach Pink and Pale Green – these powders can be used on the lids, cheeks and everywhere else you want. I have my eye on the green and fuchsia shade, they look so pretty! And apart from that green, they all look very versatile.

This pretty palette contains two shades – Crystal Diamond Eye Color 301 and Crystal Diamond Cheek Color 303 – and a mirror. The colors aren’t that original but I love the packaging, it’s retro with a modern twist and girly.

How cute are these false lashes? They have a small pink and white bow attached to them which makes them very original and cute. I’m not sure whether they’re comfortable or not and they aren’t that easily wearable either but I can’t help but want them anyway!

What do you think of this collection? Do you love it or is there too much pink for your taste?

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  1. Eleanor says

    Very cute. Looks like a lot of fun. What does “vichy” mean anyway? I know about the town in France, called Vichy. And I have heard vichy used as an adjective on rare occasions. But, I don’t really know what that means.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Eleanor, it’s a cute and fun collection indeed! I always heard the word vichy referred to the city and the water so I assume it means “of the vichy city” or something along those lines. I’m not 100% sure though, I’ll have to look it up.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trina, I agree with you that there is no such thing as too much pink lol! 😉 Now that you mention it, it does resemble Hello Kitty somewhat. :)

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