A Year Ago on BWB: The January Edition

Natural Preservatives in Beauty Products: a lot of people complain about parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in cosmetics even though scientific studies show that their concentrations are too small to be harmful to our health. Still, they would like to see them replaced with natural preservatives but what are they? And most importantly, do they work as well as synthetic preservatives at keeping our cosmetics free from bacteria, yeast and fungi?

Dear MAC, Goodbye: ah, MAC. One of my first makeup loves. And I wasn’t the only one to fall for the brand. Lots of makeup lovers swear by their products, rush to the store whenever new limited edition items are released and some even refuse to use products from other brands. But some of MAC policies (too many collection releases, price increase and size reduction to name a few) have really started to get on my nerves and made me fall out of love with the brand. *Sigh*

Can I mix sunscreen with lotion?: mixing sunscreen with moisturizer seems like a good idea: you just apply one product instead of two, saving some time in the morning while still getting sun protection and avoid the white cast some sunscreens can leave. But is that really so? Not really. Sadly, mixing these two products can cause more harm then good. Click on the link to find out why.

Barry M Blusher: if you are into pigmented blushes, then you just have to try these from Barry M. They have a soft texture, pack on a lot of color so a light-hand with application is necessary and have a lovely matte finish that adds a nice pop of color to the cheeks. And it lasts for ages too. I just wish the packaging would be prettier but for the price, one can’t complain.

Deborah 24 Ore Pencil Eyeliner: I’m not sure if it is just the shade I chose (purple) that’s horrible or if they all suck but this pencil was a great disappointment. It is the sheeriest pencil I’ve ever come across and you’re never gonna get an opaque line with it, no matter how many coats you apply (and you shouldn’t have to apply more than one anyway if the eyeliner is good). Like that wasn’t enough, it also smudges and doesn’t last long at all. Save your money.

Source: Vectorjungle.com
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