Product Review: L’Erbolario Aloe Refresh & Tones Face Cleansing Fluid

Name: Aloe Refresh & Tones Face Cleansing Fluid
Brand: L’Erbolario
Size: 125ml
Price: €12.00

From L’Erbolario website:
To ensure the daily routine of cleansing the face is as gentle as possible, the texture and freshness of this fluid brings to mind the precious gel which Aloe leaves give us when they open. The highly pure Aloe juice forms almost the entire fluid part of this formulation, ensuring it expresses its softening and toning action perfectly.

What I liked:
– cleanses skin well in the mornings
– light texture
– gives skin a fresh feeling
– gentle, doesn’t irritate skin
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t remove all traces of makeup
– the price

Last summer, I tried and reviewed L’Erbolario L’Aloe Refresh & Tones Fresh Moisturizing Cream but unfortunately for some reason that broke me out really badly so I was a bit hesitant before trying the cleanser from the same line as well. But when my usual cleanser run out, I decided to give this one a go anyway and I’m glad to report I didn’t experience any negative reactions this time. However, it hasn’t really impressed me either.

L’Erbolario Aloe Refresh & Tones Face Cleansing Fluid is a gentle cleanser that cleanses skin without irritating it and is therefore a suitable product for those with sensitive skin. White in color, it has a very light texture that doesn’t foam. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. I use it in the mornings and I find that it does a good job at removing dirt and other impurities from my face while giving my skin a refreshing feeling, which is very pleasant.

But even though it is great as a morning cleanser, I don’t like using it at night because it doesn’t remove makeup all that well. Unless you’re wearing mineral or very little makeup, this cleanser alone won’t be enough to remove it all. When I did the toner test (I’m not a toner fan but always use it the first time I apply a new cleanser to see if that has removed everything) afterwards, I still found some traces of makeup on the cotton pad. Not good.

Overall, I think the cleanser is ok and the packaging, a white and green tube, is pretty and hygienic, but I think that there are other cleansers out there that do the same or better job at a cheaper price tag so I won’t be purchasing the full size. But if you have sensitive skin looking for a gentle cleanser and don’t mind the price, this product may be worth considering.

Available at: L’Erbolario counters

L’Erbolario Aloe Refresh & Tones Face Cleansing Fluid is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and impurities, but not all traces of makeup. It is lightweight and gives skin a pleasant refreshing feeling but I think it’s too pricey for what it does.

Rating: 3/5

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