Product Review: Layla Ceramic Effect from n.21 to n.25

Name: Ceramic Effect n.21, 22, 23, 24 and 25
Brand: Layla
Size: 10ml
Price: €7,60

From Layla’s website:
Thanks to the special thickness that “Ceramic Effect” from Layla leaves on your nails, you’ll have shiny and very smooth nails. “Ceramic Effect” doesn’t need a base coat before application. Dries rapidly.

What I liked:
– shades are pretty and have a shiny finish
– good color payoff, only one or two coats are required
– wonderful formula, no streaks
– dries quickly
– Big 3 Free
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– n.24 is sheer and has a tricky formula that’s difficult to work with
– n.24 takes longer to dry compared to the others
– n.25 stays nails

Layla has recently released 5 new shades of their Ceramic Effect nail polishes and I was lucky enough to have the chance to try them. I really love these polishes because they dry very, very fast and most of them have a wonderful formula that’s easy to work with. I have already talked about these polishes here so please refer to that post for a full review. Here, we’ll just briefly talk about each one of the new shades. Ready? Let’s start:

N.21 is a beautiful and bright Barbie pink. It’s not a typical fall shade, but I love it cos it adds a touch of color and fun to my nails, although some people may find it, because of its brightness, more suitable for young girls. Nicely pigmented, it provides a opaque coverage in only one coat, doesn’t streak and lasts about 4 days without a top coat.

N.22 is a pretty aubergine purple with the slightest reddish wine undertones that becomes noticeable when hit by light. This beautiful shade, perfect for fall, has a wonderful formula that applies easily and requires only a couple of swipes for good coverage. It too starts chipping after 4 days without a top coat.

N.23 is one of my favourites: a reddish wine with a hint of purple which too, is noticeable when the light hits it. A very autumnal shade, because of the purple accents, it is suitable even for people that aren’t too fond of red shades. It applies easily, it requires only two coats and won’t chip for at least 4 days without a top coat.

N.24 is a pale icy blue with a metallic shine. While the color looks pretty and elegant, sadly the formula is awful: it’s too thin and streaky. Application is really tricky as you need to pick up just the right amount of color, not too little and not too much, or it’ll just be difficult to  spread and you’ll get those ugly streaks on your nails. It is also sheer so you’ll need at least 3 coats. It lasts just as long as the others, 4 days, on the nails but takes longer to dry.

N.25 is definitely my favourite: it is a bluish/green turquoise shade, very intense and elegant. It applies like a dream and has good color payoff so only two coats are required. This too, lasts 4 days without the help of a top coat. The only con is that, even though I had applied a base coat, it stained my nails. That was a bummer but won’t prevent me from using this color again. I’ll just apply a very generous layer of base coat next time and hope for the best lol.

As always, I was very impressed with the quality of Layla Ceramic Effect nail polishes: they have great color payoff, apply easily and smoothly and last several days without chipping. The only exception is n.24: the color is beautiful but the formula’s not that good and you really need to work with it to achieve a decent result. But I guess, every line has one or two bad shades.

Available at: Layla counters

N.21, 22, 23 and 25 have good color payoff and a lovely formula that applies easily without streaking. Sadly, though n.25 stains nails, a problem I didn’t have with any of the other polishes from this line. N.24 is the only disappointment: sheer, it has a too thin formula that applies with streaks. In addition, all the polishes dry fast and last 4 days without chipping if you don’t use a top coat.

Rating: n.24: 3/5, the others: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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