Product Review: Nephria Jade Serum

Name: Jade Serum
Brand: Nephria
Size: 40ml
Price: £45.00/$75.00

From Nephria’s website:
Because the Nephria Serum is so readily absorbed, its high concentration of skin-benefiting ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, producing dramatic and long-lasting results. The Nephria Serum is a multi vitamin for the skin, providing nourishment and enhancing and boosting its vitality. The Nephria Serum will smooth, soften and hydrate the skin, which minimises the look of wrinkles and fine lines. It will tone, even out and brighten the skin, making it look healthy and radiant.

What I liked:
– light texture, absorbs quickly
– hydrates skin
– reduces the appearances of fine lines temporarily
– makes skin soft and brighter
– lovely fresh smell
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– contains alcohol
– doesn’t control oil production
– the price

I’ve recently discovered a new luxurious skin care brand called Nephria. Their range of products is still quite small but what makes them different from the rest is that they all contain pure Nephrite Jade, which is said to be very beneficial for the skin. I admit that I am always skeptical about claims like this, but after putting the Nephria Jade Serum to the test for about a month now, I have to say that it works quite well! :)

Let’s start with the packaging. Packaged inside an elegant pale green box, the bottle itself, which is made of glass, is also a pale green in color and looks sleek and pretty. I’m sorry the photo above does not do it justice! Anyway, I like it comes in a bottle, which is very hygienic, and the pump applicator releases only the small amount you need so nothing gets wasted.

The serum itself is white in color, has a lovely fresh scent that’s not overpowering and a light texture that spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind. Despite being so light, I find it quite moisturizing, leaving my skin very soft and smooth. I think it provides some nice additional hydration to those with dry to normal skin, while those with oily skin may even decide to skip the moisturizer afterwards. If you have oily skin though, keep in mind that this serum won’t do anything to control oil production, but then it doesn’t claim to so I can’t fault it for that.

Another thing I noticed is that just after application my skin is slightly brighter. The effect is not that noticeable but definitely there. In addition, it reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its moisturizing action but of course, the effect is only temporary. As for its supposed toning, firming and anti-aging effects, I didn’t see any, although that could be because at 28 years old my skin is still quite firm and in good condition.

As mentioned above the serum contains Nephrite Powder. This simply is micronized jade powder that provides several benefits for the skin: it improves the appearance of skin, makes it brighter and stimulates microcirculation (source). In addition, it also contains a high concentration of Natto Gum, which is the fermentation product of soy protein and has strong antioxidant properties.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this serum is that it contains Alcohol. That’s probably used to make the texture so lightweight, but alcohol can be very drying and irritating for the skin, especially if yours is very dry or sensitive. I didn’t experience any negative reactions on my combination skin but that’s still something to take into consideration if your skin is particularly delicate.

Overall, I was impressed at how well this serum works on my combination skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) although I would have liked it more if it didn’t include alcohol. If you have a different skin type though, you might experience different results. In particular, if you have oily skin, check out Tavia’s review on the serum to find out how it works on this skin type.

A final note on the price. At $75.00, this serum is not inexpensive but because you only need so little for each application, it will last you for a long time. I’ve been using it day and night for a month now and the bottle is still more than 2/3 full!

Available at:

Overall, if you don’t mind the alcohol content and the price tag (although the bottle will last you for ages) Nephria Jade Serum has a lightweight texture that moisturizes skin, leaving it soft, smooth and brighter. And it temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines too.

Rating: 3.5/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Xin, yes, I was impressed how well it works and if you consider the bottle’s gonna last you for months, the price’s not too bad. :)

  1. says

    Dear BwB,

    Thank you very much for this thorough, very honest and balanced review. We really appreciate your comments.
    A couple of points – firstly, our website is – – and all our current and future products will be made available on this site.
    Secondly, our target market is slightly older than your youthful 28 years. We find the vast majority of our users are 35+, where the benefits of the Jade are far more apparent.
    We are currently half way through a ‘Before and After’ project with female volunteers who are all 40+, with a variety of skin types and have never before used Nephria products. Even after 2 weeks the results are astounding!
    We will have a 4 week update and then a 4 month update and you will be seriously impressed with the change in quality, clarity, smoothness and radiance of the complexions in question.

    We look forward to hearing much more from you and wish you every success with your blog and beauty calling.

    Andrew and Charlotte

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Andrew, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I’ve just fixed the website url, sorry for that. :)

      I was impressed by this serum. It made my skin bright, smooth and soft and I can definitely see it performing even better on older women. That’s an interesting project and I’m really curious to see the before and after photos. There’s still plenty of serum in the bottle so I’m thinking of giving it to my mum and see how well it works on her. I think the effects would be more evident on her than me.

      Thank you, I wish all the best with your range and I hope to stay in touch with you.

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