Product Review: Michael Todd Picture Perfect Face Primer SPF 20

Name: Picture Perfect Face Primer SPF 20
Brand: Michael Todd
Size: 30ml
Price: £18.99/$32.00

From Michael Todd’s website:
Picture Perfect Face Primer protects and primes perfectly. We have added pearlescent light reflectors to help diminish the look of lines.

What I liked:
– silky smooth texture
– applies easily
– helps makeup last a bit longer
– reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
– contains SPF

What I didn’t like:
– if you don’t like primers with silicones, this is not for you
– doesn’t control oil production
– the price

I don’t wear face primers daily, but they are definitely a must-have for special occasion when I have to look my best for hours on end: they help create a flawless canvas for makeup as well as helping makeup stay put for longer. Lately, on those special occasions, I relied on Michael Todd Picture Perfect face Primer with SPF 20 and I’m glad to report it has never let me down.

Picture Perfect is white in color and has a very light consistency that feels silky smooth to the touch and applies like a dream. I actually love spreading this on my skin as I love how it feels to the touch. This silkiness, though, is due to silicones, which are the main ingredients in this primer.

I don’t mind that at all as my skin tolerates silicones very well and they never caused any negative reaction on my skin, but I know some people prefer silicone-free primers. Although, if you don’t like silicones, you probably don’t like parabens either so you’ll be happy to know that this primer doesn’t contain them. :)

Upon application, I noticed that skin imperfections were visibly reduced. Fine lines looked smaller thanks to the silicones that filled them in and the pearlescent light reflectors  (mica) which reflects light from the skin, making your face appear smoother and brighter.

In addition, I also noticed that my pores too looked smaller. However, the primer doesn’t obviously covers flaws as well as a concealer does, and these effects are only temporary and disappear as soon as you remove the primer from your skin, but it does provides some extra help at concealing imperfections and it’s actually one of the best primers I’ve tried in this regard.

I also find that it helps somewhat at making my makeup stay put on my skin, but only for one or two more hours. And by late evening, some of it has faded. Also, it didn’t seem to do much for my shine patches as it didn’t really control oil production. But then, it never claimed to do that so I’m not disappointed. I just use oil blotting sheets instead. I just thought I’d mention it cos if you have oily skin, this is something to consider before purchasing.

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Michael Todd Picture Perfect Face Primer SPF 20 is designed to minimize imperfection, thus helping to create a flawless canvas and that it does that extremely well. Fine lines, pores and other flaws appear temporarily reduced (but you still need a concealer/foundations to cover any serious ones), and the primer, which has a silky smooth texture, also help makeup stay put that little bit longer. However, it doesn’t control oil production too well, is on the pricey side and some people won’t like it contains silicones.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by Sue of for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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