Product Review: Wet n Wild Mega Plump Lipgloss in Cairo-Mel

Name: Mega Plump Lipgloss in Cairo-Mel
Brand: Wet n Wild
Size: 3ml
Price: €2.99

From Wet n Wild’s website:
Plumping lipgloss. It gives lips a pleasant plumping effect, minimize small wrinkles. It contains Vitamins A, E Aloe Vera to make lips soft, while an effervescent and refreshing formula create extraordinary shine.

What I liked:
– shiny
– not sticky
– lovely cinnamon scent
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t plump lips
– not very pigmented
– formula feels a bit drying on the lips
– not longlasting
– packaging looks cheap and tacky

The problem with having too many lipglosses is that you end up using a few favourites all the time and forgetting all about the rest. At least that what happens to me. And while sometimes I realize that I had neglected a truly beautiful and amazing lipgloss, other times I remember that if a product has been forgotten, there was a reason: poor performance. That’s exactly the case with this lip gloss.

Wet n Wild Mega Plump Lipgloss in Cairo-Mel (there are other 5 shades available) looks like a soft, slightly icy pink in the tube but that doesn’t translate on the lips. Once applied, it leaves the slightest tint of pink with lots of shine, which looks beautiful for about 5 minutes. After that, all the color has completely gone and only the shine remains.

The formula is not very moisturizing, but for €3.00 I didn’t expect it to be. Just wear a lip balm underneath and you’ll be fine. I also like that it isn’t sticky and has a lovely cinnamon smell. Maybe a bit too sweet, but still pleasant. However, the lipgloss lasts about a hour on me, less if I eat, and so needs to be reapplied frequently throughout the day.

But the main reason why I don’t like this lipgloss is that it doesn’t plump lips. At all. Now, I don’t really want bigger lips and the only reason why I bought this was because I liked the color, but still, a plumping gloss that doesn’t plump lips is kinda… useless. It does give lips that tingling feeling typical of volumising products, so I was expecting my lips to become slightly bigger, but no. This just doesn’t work.

I also dislike the packaging. Some may find it cute, but to me it only looks cheap and tacky. Overall, Wet n Wild Mega Plump Lipgloss in Cairo-Mel is a very basic lipgloss and considering that, the price is just right. But its lack of pigmentation and its complete inability to plump lips were big disappointments for me.

Available at: drugstores

Overall, as a basic lipgloss, Wet n Wild Mega Plump Lipgloss in Cairo-Mel is ok. If you like clear, not-sticky, shiny glosses and don’t mind reapplying often, this is a nice and inexpensive option. But I gave it a low rating because it is a plumping lipgloss that just doesn’t plump at all. In other words, a complete failure.

Rating: 2/5

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  1. Mylanqolia says

    Pheww, it’s good that you’ve written this good review as I wanted to buy this lipgloss next week. Although the tube looks ridiculous (at first I thought of a sex toy *kinky me*) I expected something amazing. But I can’t see any plumping effect, to be honest. You could have used a shimmery Essence drugstore lipgloss to achieve the same result. By the way, I can’t wait to read your opinion about your items from Germany your b-friend gave to you. :-)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Mylanqolia, I’m glad I helped you save some money. I wanted to include a before and after photo but there was absolutely no difference so I didn’t bother. If the color were more pigmented, it might have been worth it anyway, but it’s just a clear gloss without plumping effects.. *sighs*

      I’ve already written a draft about an Esprit lippie, I hope to finish it this week. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Stavroula, thank you. The packaging looks really tacky, doesn’t it? Im prefer moisturizing glosses too but I can deal with drying formulas if the gloss is pigmented or longlasting but this was just a big disappointment.

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