Know Your Ingredients: Peppermint


What it is
Both Peppermint Oil and Peppermint Extract are derived from the Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) plant.

What it does
Peppermint is used in lip plumping product to make lips become bigger. It works by irritating lips, thus causing them to swell.
In addition, it also has anti-microbial properties.

Side effects
Peppermint is a counter-irritant: it means that it causes local inflammation to relieve inflammation in the deeper tissues. More simply put, you’re just substituting a type of inflammation for another. Still, no type of inflammation is good for skin, so use Peppermint in moderation, or better yet, not at all.

(Source: Dermatitis , November-December 2010)
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Anna, I love TBS lotions, they have some great ones. I’m glad this one works so well for your dry feet.

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