Wanted! Collistar Kits for Holiday 2010

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking what to get for our loved ones. One of my favourite Italian brands, Collistar, this year has released a wide variety of makeup and skincare kits both for women and men so you have plenty of options to choose from and there’s definitely something to please anyone. Even yourself. I’m considering picking up a set for myself and maybe drop a hint or two at the boyfriend hehe.. But let’s take a look at all the offerings…


Collistar kits come with a beautiful, hand-sew pochette with lots and lots of black/silver and fuchsia/silver paillettes. Classy and elegant, they are the perfect accessories for the party season. Let’s see what’s inside..

Special Normal and Dry Skin: Hydroprotective cream SPF 20 (50ml) and Eye Contour Toning Gel-Cream (8,5ml)

Special Anti-Age: Ultra-Regenerating Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream (50ml) and Ultra-Regenerating Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream (20ml)

Special Anti-Age: Face Reshaping Filler Cream (50ml) and Eye Contour Filler Cream (8,5ml)

Perfecta: Active Face Cream (50ml) and Perfection Serum (20ml)

Magnifica: Repairing Dermal Filler Face Treatment (50ml) and Boosted Repair Dermal Filler Serum (20ml)

For the first time, this year Collistar has released a skincare set for the body too. This too comes with a beautiful pochette:

Special perfect body: Intensive Firming Cream Maxi Size (400 ml) and Toning Firming Oil (50 ml)

Benessere Dei Sensi: Benessere Dei Sensi Profumo dei Sensi (125 ml) and Doccia dei Sensi (50 ml)

Speciale Benessere: Profumo di Benessere (125 ml) and Doccia di Benessere (50 ml)

Available in Pinky Rays and Golden Rays, these powders give a nice glow to the face. The packaging is elegant and features silver and black paillettes.


If you ever wanted to try some eyeliners and mascara from Collistar, here’s your chance.

Purple pochette: Tecnico Eyeliner (full size) and Mascara Infinito (mini size)

Blue pochette: Professional Eyeliner (full size) and Mascara Infinito (mini size)


The men in your life needs some grooming too so why not buy them one of these four Collistar Kits? They all come with a sleek and practical travel bag your men can take around with him anywhere.

Kit 1: Sensitive Skins After Shave (100ml), Daily Protective Supermoisturizer (30ml) and Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin (200ml)

Kit 2: After Shave Toning Lotion (100ml), Daily Protective Supermoisturizer (30ml) and Shaving Foam Tough Beards (200ml)

Kit 3: Supermoisturizing Soothing Cream (50ml), Sensitive Skins After Shave (15ml) and Toning Shower Gel (250ml)

Kit 4: Anti-Wrinkle Soothing Cream (50ml), Sensitive Skins After Shave (15ml) and Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin (200ml)

This cool and practical black travel bag contains a fragrance and shower shampoo for men: Acqua Attiva bottle (100 ml) and Tube of Shower Shampoo (50 ml)

Do you see any sets you like?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Paris, it’s too bad you don’t get Collistar.. Their products are pricey but the quality is great. And I’m leeming the heart-shaped palettes too, so beautiful!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Vonvon, I hope Collistar makeup is available too. Their cosmetics are pricey but of great quality, especially their face products. I can’t wait to check out those heart shaped palettes in person!

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