Wanted! Rouge Bunny Rouge Naked Disguise Concealer, Eye Kohl Vera & Eyeliner Raven Glaze

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a brand that has created quite a buzz in the blogosphere and really intrigued me. The products look interesting, and from the reviews I’ve read work very well too, and the packaging is always sleek and elegant. So, today I thought I’d share with some of their new offerings that have caught my eye:

First off, the Naked Disguise Glide Concealer (£22.50) is designed to hide imperfections such as redness and dark circles, fine lines and even light scares. It has a creamy texture that blends effortlessly in the skin, providing good but natural coverage. These chubby little pencils are not only very cute, but also comfortable to use and offer precise results. They are available in 3 shades: Thalia (semi-opaque natural light beige), Eunice (semi-opaque medium peach beige) and Clio (semi-opaque warm ochre beige).

Next, the Raven Glaze Lacquer Line (£19.00) is a very intense black, with a deep and lustrous finish. The result is a seamlessly lucent line with extreme colour intensity. The pen has a finely structured tip that allows you to create fine lines with ease and precision.

Last but not least, the Eye Kohl in Vera (£17.00). It’s no secret that I’m obsessed about colored eyeliners and this looks very pretty. It is described as a frosted blue-violet iris with a coal-dust colour base and is also said to be very creamy, pigmented and longlasting.

Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available at Zuneta. Have you ever tried them or are you thinking to?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dao, I agree the products are pricey but not anymore than most high end-end. I’m really intrigued by the description of that eyeliner, black, intense and lucent. It sounds wonderful!

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