Blogs We Love: The Pioneer Woman

Last week, I asked you if you wanted not-beauty blogs to be included in the Blogs We Love feature and you all liked the idea. So I decided to talk about them once a month, starting with a great food blog. If you want me to feature not-beauty blogs more often or have any particular request (a blog about art? fashion? photography?), please let me know. All your comments, suggestions and feedback are very appreciated. :)

The Pioneer Woman is a must-read for all food lovers. Run by Renee, a city-turned-country-girl after she fell in love with a cowboy, married him and settled down in a ranch. Although the site has different sections about several topics (photography, home & garden, her life), my favourite is definitely the food section. She posts lots of recipes, all of which are accompanied by easy to follow instructions and stunning pictures that will make your mouth water. Don’t blame me if you get hungry after visiting her blog, you’ve been warned! In addition, Renee is a great writer, fun and entertaining. If you love food (and even if you don’t), go check out The Pioneer Woman now!

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