QOTW: How do you prefer your nails: long, short or fake?

How do you prefer your nails: long, short or fake?

Beautiful with Brains says: definitely short! As much as I like long nails, they aren’t very practical. Even typing becomes hard when your nails are long! Besides, shorter nails are easier to keep clean.

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    • Stavroula, I’d love to make my nails grow just that little bit more but they keep breaking if I do. :( Too much typing I guess.

      I like long nails but if they are too long they freak me out too as well.

  1. as long as they can be without being a nuisance… ;)
    (that’s medium – as soon as I start scratching myself when I shower, I trim them!!)

    • Jeni, I like really short nails cos they are so practical. I hate when they grow too much and doing things becomes difficult. And they start breaking too. :(

  2. SHORT!
    I’m on the computer a lot for my work and I hate typing with long nails — the sound of it, the feel of the keyboard, yech.

    Besidies, I’m really clumsy and I’m always banging my sails on something causing them to rip :(.

    • Mary, I hate typing with long nails too for the same reasons you mentioned. And if one has fragile nails, they break so easily. :(

  3. I also vote for short as my nails are very thin and break very easily. Besides, I don’t want to wear nail varnish every day only for the purpose of stabilising them.

    • Heidi, nails that are too long freak me out too. It’s like they are gonna break really soon and I wonder how people can do the simpliest of things like typing when their nails are really long. Besides, when they are short, they are much easier to clean. :)

    • Tammy, I agree, those French-tipped acrylic nails are so obviously fake! And don’t look good at all. There are some acrylic/fake nails that look natural, but they’re very few and in any case, natural nails always look better.

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