DIY Beauty: Rinse Your Hair With… Beer

I usually only post DIY recipes and tricks that I’ve tried myself but I have to admit that I still haven’t had the courage to try this tip, even though I heard of a lot of people doing it with great results. What am I talking about? Washing your locks with beer.

I know it’s weird, but apparently malt contains proteins that are said to repair damaged hair and boost volume, while the sugars present in the beer makes your hair shiny and less frizzy. Sounds great right? So, what’s putting me off?

Well, for one I hate the smell of beer and I don’t really want my hair to smell like that. And, being a teetotaller, I never have any spare beer bottles in the house. But I’m sure most of you do, so if you’re curious, try a beer hair rinse. There are several ways to do it:

1. Simple beer hair rinse

– 1 can of beer

Simply pour a can of beer on your hair and wash it off with water. You should see straight away that your hair looks shinier and looks better overall.

2. Moisturizing Beer Rinse

– 1 oz of distilled water
– 1 oz of beer
– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
– a few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together and apply the mixture to your hair after shampooing. Rinse it all off well.

3. Beer Conditioner

– 1 can of warm beer
– 1 teaspoon of olive oil

If you wanna use beer as a conditioner, simply mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Shampoo, then apply the mixture to your hair and rinse off well.

Have you ever used beer on your hair? How did it work for you?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tammy, that’s one of the reason I haven’t tried. I’d love to but by beer just to rinse you hair with it is not something I’m willing to do. And I don’t even drink beer lol!

  1. Dijit says

    Ow! It soundsss gr8! I think I shoud try this, but I’m confused whether it will go well with my hair or not!!!!!:-\ Does it has any sideeffect??

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, well, it will make your hair smell like beer. But, apart from that, there are no side effects.

  2. Dijit says

    Thnxxx….. Well, I have instant hairloss, I don’t the reason behind this…. I just wanna get rid of this. Please help me!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, I’m so sorry to hear that, it’s awful! Unfortunately, without knowing the cause there isn’t much I can do. I’d recommend you visit a doctor asap.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, if you want shiny hair, try applying some olive oil and leave it on overnight. Just use a tiny amount though or instead than shiny you’re hair will become a greasy mess.

  3. Dijit says

    K! Will it work perfectly ??? Once again I’m sorry to disturb you, my moom’s hair is damaging day by day with instant hairfall and her hair looks damaged and dull. She doesn’t like to dye her hair and is a bit upset! So, can give me some best natural tips which will make her hair look healthy and strong and is there any other option instead of coloring ???
    Dijit´s last blog post ..Sunday Random Ramblings, Vol.76My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s problem. For hair loss, she will have to see a doctor. There’s not much I can recommend without knowing what the cause is, and we just risk to do more harm than good if we improvise. For coloring, maybe you can try henna? It’s natural.

  4. Dijit says

    Which oil is best for hair?? I mean to say which oil will make my hair grow faster + will make my hair look more black + will leave a shine with it????? Mustard oil or Olive oil or Sesame oil or Castor oil or Coconut oil ????????

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, coconut oil and olive oil are the best oils for hair as they can penetrate inside it, moisturize it, strengthen it and make it look shiny. Just don’t use a lot or your hair will become very greasy.

  5. Dijit says

    Ok! Thnxxxx…. Well I wanna ask u that what are the results of applying a mixture of olive oil and castor oil in our hair ??? I want some immediate results……

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, they are both very good oils for hair and they will instantly condition it and give it some shine. More than that, nothing can do straight away.

  6. Dijit says

    Thnxxxxx……….Hey, the reason behind my instant hair fall is due to excess dandruff…….. please give me some solutions….!!!!!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dijit, dandruff doesn’t cause hair loss, but if not treated properly, it can irritate the scalp, which can lead to hair falling off. In this case, I suggest you wash your hair very often (either every day or every other day) with an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn’t contain any harsh surfactants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that would only further irritate the scalp. If the problem should persist, then you should contact a doctor.

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