A Blast From The Past: Last October on BWB

How to care for dry skin: do you have dry skin? Find out what causes skin to become dry and what you can do to take proper care of it.

Turn Mineral Blush into Lipstick: did you know that you can create your own lipstick at home? All you need is a clear lipgloss and a mineral blush. Click on the link, follow the instructions and you’ll soon be rocking your own custom lippie!

Makeup Packing Tips For One Bag Trips: are you planning to go on a trip but don’t wanna bring too much luggage with you? Here are a few tips on how you can travel with makeup when you only carry one bag with you.

E.L.F. Studio Powder Brush Review: if you use liquid foundation you need this brush. And it works great with powders too. The soft bristles provide great but natural coverage without shedding a hair.

Are you applying your skincare products correctly?: a few tips and trick to make the most out of your skincare products and have beautiful, radiant skin.

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