Product Review: Layla Eye-Art Extreme Eyeshadows

Name: Eye-Art Extreme Eyeshadows
Brand: Layla
Price: €14,41

From Layla’s website:
Extreme, dangerously sensual powders. Artistic results, extraordinary looks. 12 shades, 12 pure pigments, amazing staying power.

What I liked:
– beautiful shades
– very pigmented
– matte finish
– easy to blend and work with
– shades last most of the day even without a primer
– packaging includes a mirror

What I didn’t like:
– texture is slightly chalky so some fall out can occurr
– packaging can get dirty easily

I have always loved matte eyeshadows but it’s hard to find some good ones around. Either they lack pigmentation or they are hard to work with. So, when I got 6 of the 12 shades of Layla Eye-Art Extreme Eyeshadows I felt like I was in heaven! They are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever tried, the color payoff is just amazing!

But I’ll let the swatches do the talking. They were done on bare skin and with only one swipe so you can see for yourself how bright and bold these are. Definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are afraid of colors, but everyone else will fall in love with them. You only need to apply very little to get a fantastic color payoff and unless you have quite oily lids, you could even skip using a primer as these last most of the day even without it.

(fom L to R: n.7, n. 2 and n.10)

I would put them on in the morning and it’s only after dinner that I notice some minimal fading and creasing. They are also easy to work with and blend. Some of the shades are a bit chalky so some fall out can occur, but I don’t really mind. I do my eye makeup before doing the rest of my face anyway and the color payoff and staying power are so excellent that a bit of fall out doesn’t bother me.

(from L to R: n.5, n.3 and n.4)

The Eye-Art Eyeshadows are packaged in little white and silver compacts. I think they look nice although they can get dirty quite easily. Inside, there is also a mirror for easier applications and touch-ups on the go (not that you need them!).

I guess priced at €14,41 each, they aren’t that cheap but you get quite a lot of product in the pan and you only need so little for each application that they will last for a long, long time. And it’s not often you find such great, pigmented matte eyeshadows, so if you find one or more colors you like, I highly recommend you try them. You won’t regret it.

Available at: Layla counters

I absolutely adore Layla Eye-Art Extreme Eyeshadows. These matte eyeshadows have incredible color payoff, last for hours even without a primer and are easy to blend. However, a few of the shades are chalky and prone to fall out.

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Connie, oops I was supposed to write sensual not sexual lol. That was funny though lol. Thanks for pointing that out.

      And they are insanely pigmented and beautiful, aren’t they?

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      makeup morsels, I love matte and pigmented brights too! They’re hard to come buy so I was glad to try these. I think I’ll pick up more shades as they are amazing!

  1. Ana says

    Oh… my… G-
    :faints from the prettiness of the vibrant colours:

    I’ve seen Layla cosmetics in just one place here… and I came here looking for a review of their glitter eyeliners, but now I see this I’m sad they don’t offer more of Layla’s products at that place.
    (While I’m here – will you be doing an review of the said eyeliners? The glitter ones always end up being… not very glittery, really, and Layla’s seemed like they could be the real deal :) .)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Ana, they’re gorgeous, aren’t they? They are some of the most pigmented and vibrant eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, love them! :)

      That’s great that you can get Layla cosmetics even though they only have a very limited selection of products. But I know Layla is working on launching an ecommerce website soon so getting their products should be easier in the near future. :)

      Yes, the glitter eyeliners are in my to-review basket, so I’ll review them soon. I have only swatched them on my arm so far and they seem pretty pigmented and glittery, will try them on the eyes and let you know. Stay tuned! :)

      • Ana says

        “Yes, the glitter eyeliners are in my to-review basket, so I’ll review them soon.”
        w00t n_n , thanks!

        “But I know Layla is working on launching an ecommerce website soon”
        Ordering over the ‘net isn’t really an option since it goes like this: book, 15 euros + shipping and handling, 5 euros + import taxes, 20 euros. WHAT 😐 .
        (Nevermind me, this was just a mini-rant that me and most of my friends are, sadly, prone to <_< .)

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          you’re welcome.

          Oh, I know what you mean. Sometimes shopping online can be very expensive especially when you add shipping costs and some countries have custom fees as well.. But you never know, they may have a sale or some discounts every now and then, at least I hope so.

  2. Ana says

    I’m back!

    I saw them in person today and just WOW.

    Could you tell me how they compare to Sugarpill’s pressed eyeshadows in size and quality, since the price was, I must say, equally WOW, but in the opposite direction 😐 ?
    (Looking at their counters, I’d never say they were a company that would charge that much for their products.)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Ana, welcome back!

      They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? I think the prices depend on the retailer. The full prices are on the expensive side but here they can be found in most shops at a discount (too bad the retailer near me only keeps their nail polishes but at least they are cheaper there than when you buy them on their online store).

      But to answer your question, I haven’t really tried Sugarpill’s pressed eyeshadows yet, only their loose ones. But from the reviews I’ve read, Sugarpill’s eyeshadows seem to have a smoother texture. Layla’s shadows are very pigmented like Sugarpill’s, but their texture is a bit chalky and so some fallout can occurr. Hope this helps.

      • Ana says

        It sure does help!
        I’ll just order the Sugarpill ones when somebody goes to the USA (the whole 4-eyeshadow palette, shipping included, would cost me less than two Layla’s!) … or wait to go to Italy :) .

        I’d love it if they did a palette with these, or a smaller package (with a smaller price-tag) – I love the pigmentation, I love the colours, I love the size, but since they’re so intense, I’d love to be able to test them before buying them.
        This way, I can purchase only one… and then find out that true red eyeshadow isn’t the look for me 😀 .

        Have you done some looks with them? I searched your archives, but couldn’t find any looks using “Layla Extreme” as my query.

        (Oh, and thanks for all your help/answers, you’re really lovely ^_^ .)

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          Ana, I’m glad it does. :) Sugarpill would be a better deal then!

          It would be awesome if Layla did a palette with these eyeshadows. Their retail prices are quite expensive but at least the quality is awesome. It is best to try them in person though because they are so bright and intense and some shades can be really hard to pull off. And they certainly aren’t wearable for any occasion.

          I don’t think I have ever posted any looks with these. I did a look with them a few months ago and took some photos but they didn’t turn out well. It was because of the weather. It is so hard to take good pictures when the lighting is bad. I will try again now that it’s sunny and warm and lightening’s not a problem anymore.

          And you’re welcome. I’m always happy to help.

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