Product Review: Deborah Eyeliner Precisione Waterproof

Name: Eyeliner Precisione Waterproof
Brand: Deborah
Size: 5,5ml
Price: about €7,00

From Deborah’s website:
Brush eyeliner. The special applicator ensures a flawless line. Special filmogenic polymers ensure stay-on water-resistant colour.

What I liked:
– beautiful black shade
– shiny finish
– easy to remove
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– application is quite hard and not precise at all
– clumps
– not waterproof
– smudges and doesn’t last long without a primer
– dries too fast, mistakes are hard to correct
– even though it is easy to remove, the process is kinda messy

After mastering the art of applying eyeliner pencils, I felt confident enough to try using liquid eyeliners again, which was something I hadn’t done in ages as every time I tried I just made a huge and ugly mess. I didn’t want to spend lots of money on one though in case I still had problems with application so I decided to purchase Deborah Eyeliner Precisione Waterproof. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home, I regretted it. I just can’t get this eyeliner to work for me.

The only thing (apart from the price) that I really liked about this eyeliner is the color, black. With two coats (like in the swatch above) you get a beautiful dark black shade with a shiny finish. If only one could get it to apply it properly and make it stay put, it would define the eyes so well but sadly, both the applicator and the texture suck.

Despite its name Eyeliner Precisione (Precision) Waterproof doesn’t make application neither precise nor easy. That’s due to the applicator, which instead than a felt tip, has a thin brush. Personally, I’ve always found this type of applicator difficult to use and, as hard as I tried, I can never get a precise line with this. But if unlike me, you never had problems with thin eyeliner brushes, you may find Eyeliner Precisione Waterproof easy to apply. But be careful not to make any mistakes cos correcting them ain’t easy!

This leads me to the texture. First of all, the eyeliner easily clumps so you’ll often have to clean the brush before proceeding with the application. Now, if you manage to create a perfect line straigh away, great. Otherwise, the problems start. This eyeliner dries very fast and when you try to correct it, it comes off leaving you with small pieces of black eyeliner all over the eye area.

This is something that happens also after a few hours of wear (always use a good eyeshadow primer with it) and when you take it off with a makeup remover as well. It also isn’t waterproof at all. It comes right off as soon as it comes into contact with water and you don’t need a special makeup remover to take it off. Whatever you use, it comes away very easily. Too easily for something that’s supposed to be waterproof.

Available at: Deborah counters

Overall, Deborah Eyeliner Precisione Waterproof was a huge disappointment. The color is beautiful: an intense black with a shiny finish. Sadly, the brush applicator makes it hard to draw a precise line unless you already have a lot of practice with this type of applicator. But even them, it clumps and dries too fast so if you make a mistake and try to correct it, the eyeliner will come off and cover your face in tiny black spots. It also isn’t waterproof at all.

Rating: 2/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, those applicators are terrible, aren’t they? I can draw a straight line with them. I recently tried an eyeliner pen from Eyeko that has a felt tip and I find that easy to apply so I think I’ll stick with that kind of eyeliner from now on. I wish the texture wasn’t so bad so I could least apply it with my eyeliner brush but like this, it’s totally useless.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Xin, I thought of doing that but I hate the texture of the liner too. If I made a mistake with my usual eyeliner brush I’d have to take all the make off and start again. But should I buy another eyeliner with this type of applicator, I’ll definitely use my brush. :)

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