QOTW: How often do you wear concealer?

How often do you wear concealer?

Beautiful with Brains says: pretty much every time I wear makeup. I have very bad dark circles and because they are genetic, the only thing I can do to make them disappear is using a good concealer. Foundation alone just isn’t enough for me. :(

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Olivia, I wish I didn’t have to though. But a concealer works wonders if you have any imperfections, doesn’t it?

  1. fuzzyleo says

    I’m lucky, I dont’ have dark circles at all. Thanks, Mom! :)
    But I do use concealer on the odd spot and redness, when the foundation isn’t enough to even out everything.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Fuzzyleo, lucky you! I’m envious. 😉

      I use concealer on spots too, but I thank goodness I don’t get too many.

  2. says

    Almost never. I probably should wear concealer every day, but I don’t. My dark circles aren’t so bad, and I just don’t like having to take that extra step to conceal. I only use concealer when I know I’m going to need to look my absolute best, like job interviews or fancy events.

    Have you tried Stila One Step Makeup? It’s supposed to be primer, concealer, foundation, AND powder in one. It might be able save you the extra concealer step! :)
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tammy, I don’t think concealers need to be necessarily worn every day, but only if you need it. If your dark circles aren’t too bad, some foundations alone may cover them quite well and avoid you an extra step.

      I haven’t tried that one yet but I plan too. It’d be great if it worked but from the reviews I read it’s more of a brightening primer than anything else. Still worth a shot though, thanks. :)

  3. says

    I have permanent dark circles as well. Some days I just look in the mirror and think “forget it, even concealer won’t cover those up” lol. Concealer comes at the end of my makeup routine, so if I have time to cover up my circles, I’ll do it. If not, everyone knows I’m tired anyways because my eyes get red. Which undereye concealer do you use?
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Makeup Morsels, lol. But I like your attitude, there’s nothing wrong in not concealing dark circles and everyone gets them every now and then anywhere. We could have worse problems. :)

      At the moment I’m alternating between Max Factor Erace concealer and Benefit Erase Paste. The latter works best for dark circles as it’s pink toned and both conceals and brightens but I wish it hadn’t such a thick consistency.

      • says

        I tried the Max Factor Erace. I liked the consistency, but it looked a little bit too pink on my face. Right now I’m using a yellow-toned liquid concealer layered on top of a salmon cream concealer, it’s working so much better. I think the Maybelline double-ended Age Rewind concealer blended the best w/ my skintone, but it didn’t have enough coverage to hide my dark circles.
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        • beautifulwithbrains says

          Makeup Morsels, I don’t like the color selection of Max Factor Erace that much to be honest, which is a shame because the product’s good. I’m still looking for my HG but so far these are the ones that work best for me so I’m sticking with them until I find something better.

          I heard using a yellow concealer on top of a salmon one sounds works wonders too but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s just feels like an annoying extra step but if it covers everything it’ll be worth it. I think I’ll have to try it soon. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Anastacia, I would have never said that, your skin always looks flawless! I’m sorry you have acne scars but at least concealers can hide them well. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Isabel, good luck with your exams! I agree that studying is more important than applying concealer to cover dark circles. And it’s good that at least people can’t see them on you from afar. I love my pale skin but it has it disadvantages lol.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Vonvon, there’s nothing wrong with being lazy every now and then. And you’re right, we are all human, we all have some flaws and imperfections and we shouldn’t be ashamed of those. Besides, I can’t really see any imperfections in your FOTDs, you always look beautiful! :)

  4. says

    During my vacation I didn’t take a foundation with me, so I wore concealer and powder every night! When I’m not on vacation though I usually don’t wear concealer, as my foundation (revlon colorstay) offers me enough coverage! :) I do wear concealer though when I have no time for full face makeup!
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  5. bagaela says

    oooh, you just had the most symphatic answer for your question!
    i have very dark circles too, and without any concealer, i look like I was sick or as if i hadn’t been sleeping for days.
    So my makeup minimum list starts with my concealer (as i heard a lots of girls saying that their minimum is mascara, /liner,but its not always a minimum/ and lipgloss or balm)
    Even my best friends kept asking me why i use that much voncealer as I always look flawless, but after a 5days long trip with them they realized how my concealerless-face looks like :)
    Altough i have to admit that sometimes I don’t use concealer to achive some plus -like a more ‘intelligent and reading all night long’ look on my exam, or a ‘yes i’m still sick but i came back to work so i’m such a martire’ look on my workplace – yes, i’m bad! 😀

    My fav concealers are from the sephora brand (the 4coloured one with green/salmon/verylight beige/nude colours) and the absolut fav is all about eyes from clinique -not becaute it has anything to do with the all about eyes cream, but for the great coverage, great colour and big 15ml package (tough a bit pricey,lasts for ages,even for me!)

  6. beautifulwithbrains says

    Bagaela, you’re bad, indeed lol. Just joking. 😉 Dark circles are really annoying so if sometimes we can use them to our advantage, why not? eheh. :)

    I heard really great things about the Clinique concealer, I think I’ll give it a go when my BB concealer runs out. I’m glad it works for you too. And it’s good to know the Sephora wheel concealer is good as well. I was afraid the colors would be too sheer so it’s good to know I was wrong.

  7. bagaela says

    Oh yes, but being bad sometimes is neccesary, but not when important things happen! :)

    I was afraid of the same that You wrote about the sephora concealer, and yes, altough it’s not the most pigmented product I’ve ever seen, it’s buildable, don’t get to geavy after 2-3 layers (like my under eye: first a bit of salmon,then the light yellowish color, and then the skin-like beige colour. Altoigh I wouldn’t love it so much if the skin-colour was not the perfect shade for my skin as it is. And also the green colour, it’s sheer but it’s good for pointy (like on a pimple) or for the whole face application (like when I’m after some aggressive chemical peel).

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Bagaela, thanks for sharing your experience with the Sephora concealer. It’s not easy to find concealer shades that match our skin well so when we do, we tend to fall in love with a product even if it has one flaw or something. It sounds lovely and I think buildable is good as some people may like a sheer coverage while other need something heavier so it’s good it doesn’t look cakey when you applied two or three layers. :)

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