4 Ways to make dirty hair look clean (without washing it)

Let’s face it. We don’t always have time to wash our hair. Maybe you didn’t hear the alarm clock go off and stayed in bed more than you should, and pheraphs the night before you worked out at the gym and were too exhausted to shampoo your hair when you got home, or you may simple not feel like washing your hair. But you can’t just leave the house with dirty and greasy hair, especially if you have an important date or meeting. So, how can you make your hair look acceptable?

1. Accessorize

If your hair is dirty, you could just hide it under a bandana, scarf or headband. Any hair accessory that covers your hair or just a part of it will do. No one will notice you didn’t have time to wash your hair and you’ll look stylish too.

2. Style it

If your hair is long enough you can style it in a braid. Did you know that’s it actually easier to braid hair when it is dirty? And it only takes five minutes to do. But if braids ain’t your thing, you can always wear your hair in a ponytail or pin it up in a messy bun. These hairstyles will help disguise dirty hair as well.

3. Use Dry Shampoo

It’s always handy to have a dry shampoo at home for emergencies. They contain ingredients, like cornstarch, that can absorb oil and grease, making your hair look (but not feel) clean. Just apply it on your hair sparingly and brush it off.

4. Do you have light hair? You can try powder too

Cheaper options to dry shampoos are baby powder ot talcum powder. However, these work best on blondes or ladies with lighter-coloured hair. If your hair is dark, the powder could be visible and then you will have to shampoo to get it all out. If you wanna give it a go anyway and see if they work for you, do it when you’re just chilling at home and don’t have to go out so that, if your hair looks white, you’ll have plenty of time to wash it.

What do you do when you don’t have time to wash your hair to make it look clean? Share your tips in the comments. :)

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  1. says

    I will always find time to wash my hair lol (it’s very oily), I’d rather be late than go out with greasy hair! Sometimes when only the hairs around my face have gotten oily, I’ll use some powder that will soak up the oil ! I recently bought a dry shampoo, but I haven’t used it yet!
    Stavroula Plag´s last blog post ..TAG – Getting to know meMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Stavroula, that’s good that you always find time to wash your hair. I shoudl learn from you but I admit I get lazy sometimes and wear a bandana or place my hair in a messy bun so other people won’t notice my hair’s dirty. I wash it as soon as I get home though as I don’t like having dirty, greasy hair so these tips are more for emergencies. I find dry shampoos very handy as, unlike regular shampoos, you don’t have to blow dry hair, which saves time. Unfortunately, even if they make hair look clean, it still feels dirty but hey, for a quick fix they’re still great.

    • Charlotte says

      Good for you? Some peoples’ hair, like mine, gets oily extremely quickly. My hair gets oily three hours after washing it or so. /:

      • beautifulwithbrains says

        Charlotte, that’s too bad. My hair gets oily pretty quickly too. Of course, it also depends on your hair type, but if one really really really can’t wash their hair for whatever reasons, these are quick fixes that would make dirty hair less noticeable. But of course, they’re only for emergencies, I wouldn’t recommend using them regularly instead than washing one’s hair.

  2. says

    I can’t stand feeling my hair greasy! Yikes!! Plus it makes my scalp itchy, so I have to wash my hair! Yeah I might use some powder instead of washing my hair if I want to go just to the post office and then get back home, but if I’m gonna be out for a few hours I simply have to wash my hair unfortunately! :( I need to wash my hair everyday, it’s unbelievably oily! :/ Good tips for emergencies though! 😉

    Stavroula Plag´s last blog post ..Random Tip of the Day 30072010My Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Stavroula, I have oily hair too so I feel your pain. I have to wash my hair often too as it gets dirty and greasy so soon and I hate that feeling. Still, sometimes I’m lazy or just don’t have the time to wash my hair so these tips come in handy.

  3. says

    When I am wearing my hair curly, I wet my hands and run it through to tame frizz. Also the Oudiad curl spray helps too.
    If I am wearing it straight, then I put some smoothing serum or lightly hit it with a flat iron. It gets me out the door in a hurry. I have fine hair with a dry skin so I can’t wash it everyday.
    Great post!
    Monique´s last blog post ..Eyelash LoveMy Profile

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Monique, thanks for sharing these useful tips. I’m glad they work well for you and I’m sure lots of people will find them very helpful. :)

  4. CanDoNoPoo says

    Girls… did you ever realize that washing your hair often makes your hair greasier faster? Your shampoo remove natural hair oils drastically which make your body react by producing sebum (natural oil). You could train your head or body to relax a bit more by shampooing it less often. You could even stop shampooing and use conditioner only for washing. Or – when you’re not afraid to go a little bit to the extreme – replace your shampoo and conditioner for baking soda and apple vinegar. Or .. as I do nowadays.. just use water and do an apple vinegar rinse (1 to 8 parts of water) once in every while (2 months for example). You can hardly believe the fat does not come dripping from your hair right? It doesn’t. By a good boar brush though. It helps cleaning your hair and spreading your sebum evenly. Good luck caring for your hair!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      CanDoNoPoo, thanks for your suggestions. I haven’t had the “courage” to try the no poos methods yet even though I know they work well for lots of people. It’s just that I have oily hair that gets dirty so easily and when switching to no poo methods your hair has to go through a stage where it gets dirty for a few weeks before getting used to the new regime and looking better and that kinda scares me a bit. But they are good alternatives to regular shampoos for those interested. :)

      • CanDoNoPoo says

        A delayed reply (sorry) but I can imagine. Depends on the type of hair you have as well of course. Guess I am lucky with a lot of hair which has a wave (but not really curly) and looks good when messy so it does not look greasy so fast.

        I can imagine someone having thin straight blond hair (for example) does have a much bigger problem then I going through this stage. And off course, also length matters.

        My experience was that it was not too bad. Had a few days where my head felt itchy and was afraid it looked awfull as well. It didn’t however and it seemed (I asked) that my hair never developed an unpleasant smell. It just smelled like hair I was told.

        When I want to give my hair a subtle smell I spray it with Jasmine water. But it is not necessary.

        My hair became really strong, healthy looking, had an honest shine (you can tell the difference between shampoo shine and natural shine), and is somewhat more curly now. But it does feel different then shampoo washed hair (which is – especially in the winter – so light, dry and brittle it becomes often static).

        I lost my frizz (I always had a circle of frizz around my head) finally after many years of changing hairdressers, shampoos, conditioners, stopping chemical dyes etc. Although I still have to be cautious when drying my hair with a towel. Being gentl helps though.

        • beautifulwithbrains says

          Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and tips. I’m glad the adjusting stage wasn’t so bad for you. My hair is fine, straight and light brown and gets dirty so easily I think I will look a mess if I attempted a no poo method, which is a shame as I would love to try it. :)

  5. says

    I’ve still never tried dry shampoo and haven’t tried baby powder either although I’ve read that trick on a lot of beauty blogs. These are great tips though and I know users on Taaz.com are always wanting to know these kinds of beauty tips. Thanks!

  6. beautifulwithbrains says

    Courtney, you’re welcome. Both are nice options to use as quick fixes for when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

  7. Smiles! says

    Beautifulwithbrains and CanDoNoPoo:

    I switched abruptly to baking soda and apple cider vinegar about 6 months ago. I was terrified of the transition period because my hair is very oily. But by some stroke of luck, I had zero grease problems. My shampoo and conditioner bottles are still 3/4 full and I haven’t gone back. Good luck to you!

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Smiles, I’m glad the switch worked well for you and didn’t make your hair oilier. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. says

    Those are great! I have tried the baby powder and since I have dark hair, it does not look right.

    I have a concern about the apple cigar vinegar people are suggesting, I color my hair and I am afraid it would strip the color quite quickly. Any feedback on that?

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Ivy, have you tried coloured dry shampoo? If you pick the right shade, it shouldn’t make your hair look white.

      And I’m afraid the vinegar would strip off the colour, so it’s not a good option for women who dye their hair.

  9. rebecca says

    I have really greasy hair so when I wash it,its still greasy so I use baby powder in the shower/bath and my hair looks clean for 3 days and you don’t need dry shampoo because it wrecks your roots so I wouldn’t advise shampoo.Also if you want it to look nicer put olive on it.

    • Gio says

      Rebecca, I love using olive oil on hair. It makes it so soft and shiny. I’m glad baby powder is working well for you too.

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