New Fall Collections: Laura Mercier Mystique, Lancome French Coquettes and Paul & Joe Moonlight Dance

Laura Mercier Mystique

Laura Mercier draw inspiration from the mystery and sparkle of the city at night fall to create her latest collection Mystique. The collection features natural and rich shades for lips and cheeks and more colorful ones for the eyes to create glamorous and sophisticated but edgy and hip looks. The Sequin Eye Colours ($22.00) have a soft sparkly effect and are available in 3 new shades:Peacock (deep teal green),Sterling (pale grey blue) and Violetta (vibrant purple).

To make the eyeshadows last longer and cover any imperfection on your eyes, you can try Eye Basics ($24.00), which is available in Wheat (light-medium beige). And for easier eyeshadow application, Laura Mercier has released the Eye Colour Brush ($27.00), made with 100% natural bristles. For the cheeks instead, we have two new shades of Second Skin Cheek Colour ($24.00), a light and velvety powder blush with sheer color payoff. It’s available in City Pink (fuchsia pink) and Lotus Pink (universal pink with slight shimmer).

Last, but by no means least, we have the lip products. The new Lip Glace ($22.00) is a very shiny, pigmented gloss that gives the illusion of fuller lips. It’s available in Cocoa Lait (rich neutral brown), Pink Tulle (rosy pink and gold) and Plum Noir (deep plum shimmer). The Shimmer Lip Colour ($22.00) instead is available in Brown Plum (warm-deep-brown), Sand Castle (soft nude pink shimmer) and St. Tropez (soft neutral brown shimmer).

Lancome French Coquettes

Lancome French Coquettes collection for fall is both pretty and provocative, urban sophisticated and witty chic. The collection features dark silver, black and blood cheery red shades for both eyes, lips and nails that are perfect for fall and to create vampy chic looks. The star of the collection is La Rose Deco ($40.00), an all-over powder that mixes wood rose and pink tones to give skin a subtle shine. And it’s engraved with a gorgeous rose pattern too.

Make your eyes sparkle with the new Ombre Magnetique ($25.00) eyeshadows in Black Macadam, Urban Silver and Cherry Cherie. They have a long-wearing texture and are very shimmery and sparkly. For the lips, L’Absolu Rouge ($29.00) is now available in Rose Divine, Parisian Attraction, Cherry Kiki. This is one of my fave lipsticks as the texture is so moisturizing and pigmented and the new shades look absolutely beautiful.

Finally, another winner in this collection are the nail polishes, which are available in a trio. Le Vernis Trio in Kissed By Paris ($25.00) contains three mini sized polishes in pink and dark red shades that have a shiny and chip-resistant formula. I think all three are gorgeous and I’m glad they come in a trio cos I wouldn’t know which one to choose otherwise!

Paul & Joe Fall Moonlight Dance

Oh, how I wish I had a Paul & Joe counter near me! Their collections always have me drooling over every single product. I’ve had the chance to try a few things from the brand (thank goodness for online shopping!) and their quality was very good, plus they always pay a lot of attention to the packaging, which is always stunning. And this time, Paul & Joe took a step further in designing one of their products, the lipstick. They put a kitten on it!

That’s right, their Lipstick C, available in three shades – Clair de Lune (soft pink), Over the Moon (orange) and Moon Shadow (passion red) have a cat’s head on them. Some find them creepy, others find them cute (I fall in the latter category), what’s sure is that they’re very original. I’m very tempted to get one but I know I wouldn’t have the heart to use it not to destroy the poor kitty’s head.

Another of my favourites from the collection are the Face and Eye Color Palette – L, available in three color combinations: Silvery Moon, Paper Moon and Blue Moon. I really like the curved striped pattern, how wearable the shades are and the beautiful boxes they come in. My favourite is the one with the swans although it features the least interesting shades (I’m not intro neutrals but you knew that already 😉 ).

This is not a big collection and the only other product left to talk about is the Face Color, available in Luna (rose), Harvest month (orange) and Pagan (brown). I don’t about you, but the pink shade really appeals to me and I’m also intrigued by the orange one. I’m not sure I could pull it off though, it looks a bit scary in the pan, doesn’t it?

What do you think of these collections? Are you gonna get something from them or just skip them?

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Fish fish, they are definitely very original. I hadn’t thought that about the ears, who knows? They’re still cute though and I’m so jealous you have a shop near you that sells Paul & Joe! Lucky you. :)

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