QOTW: Do you have any strange beauty habit?

Do you have any strange beauty habit?

Beautiful with Brains says: I’m not sure this is strange but I have to wash my hands about 50 times a day. Oh, and I have to have music playing when I’m applying my makeup too.

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  1. says

    I cut my own hair. I’m not sure if this is weird, but I haven’t been to a hair salon in like 10 years! I have thin hair and every time I used to get it cut, the hairdresser would end up pulling out giant clumps of hair and I would get freaked out. I don’t find my hair looks any worse than when I used to get it done professionally and it saves tons of money! I also dye my own hair, but my boyfriend is always teasing me that it’s brassy, so I should probably start seeing a colorist:(
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      • beautifulwithbrains says

        Trisha, wow, you’re very adventurous! I wouldn’t dare cut my own hair, I’m so clumpsy who knows what I’ll do.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Jeni, my mum used to cut my hair when I was little but she stopped when I grew up and wanted more complicated hairstyles. I would love to learn to cut my own hair, but I’m too scared it’ll come out really bad. I can understand why you were freaked out though, that sounds awful. Besides, cutting your own hair allows you to save money you can spend on something else, which is great. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Mylanqolya, I think that’s very ingenious actually! I love products that can multi-task. :)

  2. claire says

    ok so this is kinda strange but i have dark hair and really fair eyebrows but instead of just investing in an eyebrow pencil I just brush my eyelyner pencil over my eye brows eh its not something im proud of.

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