Product Review: Senna Brow Definer

Name: Brow Definer
Brand: Senna
Size: 0.05oz/1.4g
Price: $18.00

From Senna’s website:
Mix this clear pomade with brow powder color to add instant definition and texture. Working with the Brow Shaper 605 Brush, dip brush into brow powder, then into pomade and apply to brow. Great to use with Form-A-Brow® Kit to add texture and intensify brow color.

What I liked:
– improves the color payoff of brow powder
– makes eyebrows look natural
– longlasting

What I didn’t like:
– the packaging
– the price

If you use eyeshadows or brow powder to do your eyebrows, you might be interested in trying Brow Definer from Senna Cosmetics, a little clever product that promises to define your eyebrows and intensify their color. And it actually delivers!

Brow Definer is a clear pomade that comes packaged in a small circular pot. To use it, you are supposed to dip your brush into the powder and then into the Brow Definer to mix the two products before applying the mixture on your brows. I really dislike having to do this as it’s not very hygienic and will probably end up making my Brow Definer pot very messy. So what I do instead is pick up the littlest amount of Brow Definer (you don’t need much so the pot, albeit small, will last long) with a small metal spoon, pick up some powder with my eyebrow brush and then dip it into the pomade.

You could also use a spatula and a mixing palette (or any other metal surface) to mix the products instead than a spoon. It will probably be more professional but a spoon works for me and as long as my pomade pot isn’t full of powder, that’s all that matters. It only takes a few seconds to mix the Brow Definer with the powder and then you can apply it as you normally do with your usual brow powder.

The only difference is that you’ll need less powder than usual. Brow Definer, in fact, improves the color payoff of your powder so if you pick up too much you’ll find yourself with really strong, obvious brows. It may be a nice look for fashion editorials, but not for everyday. But if you pick up a small amount, thanks to the Brow Definer, your eyebrows will look defined but in a very natural-looking way (and your brow powder will last longer too :) ).

And they look that way for the entire day! I didn’t experience powder fading when I mix it with the Brow Definer even if I don’t use a clear mascara or brow gel to set it. A nice plus, isn’t it? I wouldn’t say Brow Definer is a must-have product, but it’s quick to use and I really like how it defines my brows. If you’re looking for something that will improve the payoff of your powder while keeping your brows natural-looking and don’t mind paying $18.00, I think you might really enjoy this product.

Overall, I really like Senna Brow Definer. It improves the color payoff of your usual brow powder and defines brows while keeping them natural. It lasts for the whole day too. However, you need to be careful and use very little of Brow Definer and powder or you’ll brows will look too strong. In addition, the packaging isn’t hygienic and mixing the products in there will be messy.

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, I don’t think this is for you then. I don’t do my brows often as I like the way they look naturally but this product allows me to use half the amount of powder I normally used before (which wasn’t much to begin with) but still get the same color payoff and I really like that. But if you’re not careful when applying it, it can make your brows really dark.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Pinch, it really is. I’d recommend it to anyone that wanted to improve the color payoff of brow powders, which would also make them last longer and save you some money. Does it? I’ve never really used brow wax as I don’t do my brows a lot, I just like the way they are so I usually just tweeze here and there. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Anastacia, yep Senna is an expensive brand unfortunately, but at least most of their products are really nice and work well.

  1. says

    I never tried Senna products yet but I hoping to get a package from their latest collection soon. I didn’t heard they are all great products but I like some of the colors from their summer collection.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Tavia, I hope you get your package soon. I think Senna is an underrated brand and so far, I’ve had a positive experience with most of their products. The eyeshadows are really sheer so I don’t like them much and the glosses are sticky but that’s what makes them last longer so I don’t mind. I know some people won’t like them because of that though and most of them are sheer or semi-opaque as well. But overall, I like most of their products especially their highlighting pencil, which I use almost daily, and their cheeky blush, it’s very shimmery and gives a beautiful glow. :)

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