Product Review: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Name: Pixie Epoxy
Brand: Fyrinnae
Size: 10ml
Price: $7.00

From Fyrinnae’s website:
A must-have for shimmery, sparkling shadows! This is not an eye shadow primer, or really a base. This unique “glue” is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place, minimize “fallout”, and also to easily create a foiled look without foiling. all you need is a tiny dab rubbed on with wand or fingertip over your usual primer. Wait several seconds, as the Epoxy should be tacky but not wet, and apply dry loose shadow with a brush.

What I liked:
– makes eyeshadows shades more vibrant and glossy
– minimizes fallout
– gives the foiled look without the mess of foiling
– gives the shades dimension and brings out the duochrome effects
– sticks eyeshadow to the lid for the entire day
– doesn’t irritate eyes
– you need very little so the tube will last for a very long time
– the price

What I didn’t like:
– doesn’t work too well with some matte shades
– if you apply too much, blending can be difficult

I’m gonna be honest with you: this is the best product ever invented. It’s like magic in a tube and you need to get it. As soon as possible. Now. Yes, this review is biased. And no, I’m not affiliated with Fyrinnae in any way. They didn’t send me this product for free and they didn’t pay me to rave about it. I just fell completely in love with it and can’t praise it enough. It has quickly become my HG and I can’t imagine not living without it or doing a look without it.

This stuff really is the bomb that puts all the others eyeshadow primers to shame. It’s better than UDPP and every other primer I’ve ever tried. Although, Fyrinnae recommends you to use the Pixie Epoxy above another primer. That’s because this product isn’t designed to stop creasing or to make your makeup last all day, but to make eyeshadows brighter, glossy and minimize fallout and it really does all these things amazingly well. I did use it without another primer to see how it performs though and I was impressed. It made my eyeshadow stick to my lids without creasing nor fading from morning till night (my lids aren’t very oily though), so that’s another plus for you. :)

(from left to right: no base, Senna Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. First set of swatches is Fyrinnae’s Sorceress eyeshadow, the second Milani’s Black Out. See how the Pixie Epoxy makes eyeshadow more vibrant and less dull?)

But what really makes this product special and unique, as there aren’t any other products like this on the market, is that it makes eyeshadow so much more vibrant than when you use them alone or with any other base I’ve ever tried. You can use it with both loose pigments and pressed powders and it gives you that foiled look without the mess of foiling. I’ve always found foiling to be a pain so I’m so glad I don’t have to do than anymore. Now I just apply this and my eyeshadow is more vibrant and has a glossy finish.

It also makes the duochrome effects of some eyeshadow more visible. And do you know those beautiful glittery eyeshadows that just don’t translate when applied? Well, this fixes it. It makes the glitter stand out and stay in place. And all of this, while minimizing fallout. Actually, I hardly get any fallout at all since I started using it. It really glues the color to your lid, holding it there until you decide to take it off. And when you do, a simply makeup remover will do the trick easily.

(from L to R: no base, Senna primer, Pixie Epoxy. First set is a lilac from Sleek Curious palette, second Barry M Dazzle Dust in Aqua. The Senna primer improves the color payoff but makes shades dull. Pixie Epoxy makes them vibrant and glossy instead).

Now, the Pixie Epoxy has a couple of catches. Well, catches is not really the right word as all this stuff is clearly explained on the Fyrinnae website so if you’re having any problems with it, it is just because you’re not using the product as intended and I admit I did that too at first. Some people may experience that the Pixie Epoxy makes blending more difficult. And the first couple of times I used it, I noticed that too.

But that’s only because I had applied too much of it! You see, I like my eyeshadow colors to be bright and bold, so I thought, the more Pixie Epoxy I apply, the brighter the shades get. Well, if you do that, blending is gonna be really hard! What you have to do instead, is apply the tiniest amount you can possibly imagine and rub it with your finger all over the lid evenly and it will work like a charm. Let it dry for about 30 seconds and brush on your eyeshadow. If you used very, very little, blending isn’t a problem at all, it’s actually very easy.

(Pixie Epoxy used with a matte green shade from Sleek. It’s much darker than in the pot, but application was easy. Some matte shades don’t work too well with it though.)

Another thing I noticed (and again it is clearly stated on the website) is that some matte shades don’t work too well with it. Some matte shades tend to get clumpy with it so try them on the back of your hand first and see how they perform. I didn’t have this problem with most of my matte eyeshadows though as they worked will with the Pixie Epoxy and application was easy and not clumpy at all. However, it made matte shades a lot darker than how they look in the pot or with any other base, but I’m not bothered with that as they were still very pretty.

You can get the Pixie Epoxy on the Fyrinnae’s website for only $7.00. The tube contains 10 ml of product and it will last you for ages as you only need so little for each application. I’ve had my tube for a few months now and it looks like I’ve barely used it (and I use it almost daily with all types of eyeshadows). But if you’re still not convinced you need the Pixie Epoxy, you can always try the sample size. It only costs $1.50 for 1.5ml and P&P is free on all orders over 20$ worldwide.

I’m in love with this stuff. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy makes eyeshadow look foiled without actually having to foil (and the mess that goes with it). Colors are more vivid, have more dimension and stick to the lid so you hardly have any fallout at all and last all day. It works well with both pressed and loose eyeshadows but some mattes may apply clumpy and darkened. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, the tube lasts for ages and if you don’t apply too much, blending over it is easy. And it’s very cheap too. Go get your tube now!

Rating: 5/5

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    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Vonvon, you’re welcome. It’s a very intriguing produt indeed. It’s like glue for your eyeshadows and makes them so vibrant and glossy! I adore it. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Trisha, wow, that’s quick. I hope you’ll get it real soon and I know you’ll love it too. It’s amazing what it can do. I didn’t fully believe the claims and rave reviews until I tried it myself and was instantly hooked.

      And you’re welcome. I’m glad to spread the word about such great products. I found out about it on another beauty blog too so I agree with you. If you wanna find out interesting products that work well, blogs are the place to look at. :)

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Dao, get it! At least a sample. Everyone has to try it, it’s amazing stuff, you’ll fall in love with it too, it’s impossible not to! :)

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