Product Review: Get In Line Smokey Eyes And Eyeliner Stencil Kit

Name: Get in Line Smokey Eyes and Eyeliner Stencil kit
Brand: from Beth Bender Cosmetics
Price: $36.00

From Bette’s Boutique:
Each Get in Line Eyeshadow and Stencil kit comes with everything you need from eye shadows to stencils, and a custom designed brush to create these looks with ease. Also included are step-by-step instructions. Whatever your mood: smoky eye, cat eye, or perfect eyeliner to accent your lashes. These stencils do it all!

What I liked:
– stencils make it easy for most people to do smokey and cat eyes looks
– eyeshadows have good color payoff and are easy to blend
– eyeshadows are longlasting
– brush included has soft bristles
– kit comes with instructions

What I didn’t like:
– stencils don’t fit everyone’s eyes
– eyeshadow texture is a bit powdery
– eyeshadow colors are quite boring and dull
– stencils get dirty easily and are hard to clean
– doesn’t come with a mirror

I’ve won the Get in Line Eyes and Eyeliner Stencil Kit ages ago but never talked about it until now cos it was hard for me to decide whether I like it or not. There were times when I used it a lot and others when I forgotten all about it for a few months and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a nice and handy kit for makeup beginners or those that have problems creating smokey eyes or cats eyes, but for a makeup addict like me, this is by no means a must-have product.

The kit contains three eyeshadows that will last for ages as the pans are huge. It includes a matte greyish black, a medium, warm-toned brown with just a hint of shimmer and a matte pale cream beige. The shades are medium pigmented and buildable, but nothing special really. They’re quite ordinary and boring and unless you’re a novice, you probably already have similar shades in your stash.

The texture is fine but I find it a bit powdery and some fallout can occur. Despite this, they are easy to blend and last long even without a primer. But of course, it’s better to still wear one, especially if you have oily lids. The compact also contains a dual ended brush whose bristles are actually quite soft. I prefer to use my usual, full-size brushes as I find them easier to control but I have to say this brush does a decent job too and isn’t completely useless like most applicators that come with palettes.

But that’s not all. Inside the kit you can find two stencils, one for smokey eyes and one for cats eyes, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use them. I find the stencils to be quite small and because I have small eyes, they fit quite well for me, but considering everyone has eyes of different shapes and sizes, they definitely wouldn’t work for everyone.

In my experience the stencils help a lot in creating these two types of looks, especially if you are a beginner struggling with them. They help you understand where exactly you should put the colors and if you have shaky hands, the stencils guide you on where to put eyeliner to create an even and soft line. But if your eyes are too big or just don’t fit the stencils, you could still use them as a general guide on where to place the color rather than to accomplish the whole look perfectly.

However, for me, the biggest problem of the stencils is that they are made of a rubbery plastic material that gets dirty very easily and it’s a pain to clean. As you can see in the picture, they look grubby and that’s after I washed them once. You need to clean them several times to remove all the gunk on them, which is a huge pain. And cleaning it well is very important as you don’t want something that unclean anywhere near your eyes.

The stencils should be cleaned after every use, although you could use them only while you’re learning the technique. Once, you mastered it (and that’s quick to do with the help of the stencils), you can just stop using the stencils altogether as they won’t be necessary anymore. Oh, and considering the kit contains stencils, instructions and a good brush, I’m surprised they didn’t include a mirror too so that we could actually see what we’re doing! That would have been very helpful.

Personally, I like the idea and concept of the kit and like I mentioned before, if you’re a novice or just haven’t managed to master the smokey eyes or cats eyes technique, then this kit is something nice to have as it’ll help accomplish these looks in no time. But if you’re already a pro in creating these type of looks you won’t get much use out of it especially since the eyeshadows are easily dupable. If you’re interested, you can buy yours on Bettes Boutique.

The Get in Line Smokey Eyes And Eyeliner Stencil Kit contains 3 eyeshadows, a dual-ended brush, 2 stencils and instructions to create smokey and cats eyes look. The eyeshadows have  good color payoff and are longlasting and the stencils make it easy to master the techniques. However they won’t fit everyone’s eyes and get dirty easily. Unfortunately they’re not so easy to clean too. Overall, a nice kit for makeup beginners or novices if you don’t mind spending $36.00 plus shipping.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. says

    Hi Gio:

    We are so sorry you didn’t take the time to email us with your concerns on the stencils. Actually they are easy to clean with a hand sanitizer. The color comes right off, and as far as fitting every eye shape, they are the same in theory as an eyebrow stencil. You have to bend them as you would an eyebrow stencil to fit the eye.

    Since they are made from a soft PVC plastic this is easy to do. The colors are Charcoal, Rich Brown, and Bisque.


    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Hello Cami,

      thanks for your comment and explanation. I had tried washing the stencils with water and soap but that didn’t work too well. I will try using a hand sanitizer next time. I wish this and the instructions on how to use the stencils (like an eyebrow one to fit the eyes), would be explained clearlier on the packaging and website though. I think that would be very useful, especially to newbies who may not be too sure what’s the best way to use and clean the stencils is.

      But now you’re cleared my concerns, I can see how more useful than I thought the stencils are and I do think this is a very nice kit, especially for those that are just starting to wear makeup or have problems mastering the smokey eyes or cats eyes techniques.

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