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It’s no secret that I’m a massive Sleek fan and after waiting eagerly for months the launch of their ecommerce website, I couldn’t help but make an order as soon as it went live. Placing an order is easy. You just have to register, select the items you want and place them in your cart and hit checkout.

Payment Methods and Order Tracking
On the Sleek website, it says that you can pay either via credit card or paypal but when I went to pay I didn’t see the paypal option at all, which is a shame since that’s how I prefer to pay. I had to pay using my credit card and almost immediately got a confirmation email saying that my order got accepted and a couple of days later I received another one telling me my order was dispatched. If you wanna keep track of your order, you can also login on the website and it’ll tell you if your parcel has been processed, shipped or delivered.

Delivery charges and times
European delivery is charged at €5,99 which I think is reasonable as that’s the average price most online shops charge and my package was quick to arrive: it took just 5 days! But despite Sleek packing everything carefully in a small box, their eyeshadow palette in Bohemian arrived with one broken shade. I was disappointed but not surprised. Sleek’s shadows are very soft and break easily so when I made the order I knew this could happen. (And the box arrived dented so I think the people at the post office are more to blame than Sleek).

Missing item and quick refund
What I was really gutted about though was that the gel eyeliner I had ordered was missing from my parcel. So, I contacted Sleek straight away and after only 20 minutes they replied saying they would refund me the money. And when I checked my account the next day, the money was already there! But to be completely honest, a few minutes before contacting Sleek about the eyeliner, I had tweeted about the missing item on my Twitter account so that not just my followers, but also the people at Sleek would see it.

I’m not sure if that may have made them reply to me faster or if they reply so soon to everyone, but I was happy to see that if you have a problem, there’s actually someone on the other end that can help you sort it out. So, I will probably make another order soon and this time, let’s hope that the gel eyeliner is in stock!

Note on European prices
Also, if you’re from Europe (UK excluded) and want to buy Sleek products on their website, the prices are a bit higher than those charged in the UK. I wasn’t really happy about it but Sleek have explained on facebook that for legal reasons they have to charge the same price online as their charge in stores. And since in Europe Sleek is sold only in Sephora (and I don’t have one near me!!) and Sephora refuses to charge the products  at a lower price, the European price you see on the website is the final price.

Honestly, I think I’m more pissed off at Sephora for refusing to lower the prices and not even having the decency to open more stores in Europe so at least we would save on p&p. But overall, the prices are still cheap and considering the good quality of Sleek products, they’re still a steal. And even though I’ll keep buying from their website, I think I’ll also look for other online retailers so that I can get what I want at a cheaper price.

Overall, ordering from Sleek is easy and delivery is quick. And even though one item was missing from my order, they refunded my money straight away (although maybe my tweet helped?). Also, for legal reasons, the prices for European customers are higher. Still a steal, but I’d rather buy from other retailers when I have the chance.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    Mylanqolia, I’ll agree with you. There are lots of stuff I want to try from Sleek but I think I’ll wait for LE palettes to come out to order them and even then, I wouldn’t buy lots of things. I prefer to get their products somewhere else. I don’t mind paying more in stores as there are import fees to consider, but if I have to pay P&P too, then I’d rather buy from ebay or other retailers.

    Oh, that’s a shame, I wonder why that is?

  2. Angrycustomer says

    I am from Portugal and I have made an order thru Sleek Website. It has been more than a month and until now I haven’t received my products. The products was resent to me after 15 days from the first order, but again it didn’t work. I am in contact with their team and they said I should contact my post office, which I did today and found out that my package are in the central post office in Lisbon because Sleek forgot to put my house number and they couldn’t deliver. The most absurd thing in this situation is that I had to check what was happening. Aren’t they also responsible for this part? The post office is checking if it is possible to resent the package to me but they don’t know how long this is going to take and I don’t even know if the products are going to arrive in proper conditions (eye shadows break so easily…especially with all those travels). I will probably ask for a refund but I am already wondering it is not going to be another problem. Don’t recommend and I will never buy again. I will wait until I go to London to buy it. What a pitty….

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Angrycustomer, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve had the same problem once (they hadn’t written my house number on the package), but with Asos. After three weeks, I had to contact them. They gave my number to the guy that delivers the packages and it was resolved pretty quickly but it’s still a nuisance. All they have to do is write down an address correctly, surely that’s not too difficult? They should be more careful and double check before shipping. Still I don’t think that a getting a refund would be a problem. I got mine pretty quickly after I contacted them so you should do too. It’s a shame this happened to you and that you have to wait to go to London to get their products. Maybe you can order through The owner speaks English well and helpful.

      I still shop at Asos btw but less than before cos now every time I make an order I worry about them not writing the address correctly. What a shame.

  3. Sam says

    I ordered from Sleek and I am in the US. I got an email saying my package was dispatched but no tracking number. Do they not offer tracking for International Deliveries?

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Sam, I haven’t ordered in a while so I’m afraid I don’t remember if they gave me a tracking number or not, sorry. But if you log into your account, it should tell you if your package has been dispatched. If you think you should have got the package by now, instead, I think you should contact the Sleek Makeup customer service and let them know.

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