Product Review: Senna Mineral Mix Cover & Finish Foundation

Name: Mineral Mix Cover & Finish Foundation
Brand: Senna
Size: loose foundation 7g/ pressed foundation 1.75g
Price: $38.00

From Senna’s website:
A special milling process gives this mineral foundation a supremely silky smooth texture that glides onto the skin. The neutral color range looks fresh and clear. Natural minerals supply the dewy soft light reflection needed to diminish lines, wrinkles and flaws while also providing chemical-free sun protection. Completely covers blemishes, discolorations, redness, even rosacea and is gentle enough for the most sensitive, problem-prone skin.

What I liked:
– 2 in 1 product
– medium coverage with natural finish
– hides redness and small blemishes
– long-lasting
– the packaging

What I didn’t like:
– just like any other mineral foundation, application can get messy
– doesn’t control oil production very well
– the price

Among the products Senna sent me for consideration late last year, there was their popular Senna Mineral Mix Cover & Finish Foundation, a loose and powder foundation in one product! How handy is that? Usually, when I get a new product, I get down to testing it right away but because I was sent the completely wrong shade for me, I neglected it for a while. Still, I liked the concept too much not to give it a go, so finally here’s the review.

Available in only 5 shades, I have Medium which includes a loose foundation in a golden beige shade and a pressed powder in natural tan beige. And even though on my pale skin they look kinda orange, it is the most natural orange shade I have ever got from a foundation (which says a lot because having used drugstore foundations for years, my skin has been all kinds of unattractive orange/brown shades!). If you have medium dark skin and Medium matches your coloring, you will get a very natural finish.

To apply the foundation, dip your kabuki brush in the loose mineral foundation at the bottom of the jar. The jar has a sifter to minimize messiness but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get powder flying around everywhere if you’re not careful. I find the loose powder to give light to medium coverage, esp once you’ve applied the pressed powder on top. The pressed powder is also useful to deepen the color until it exactly matches your skintone.

The foundation evens out  skintone and hides redness and small blemishes very well, but it’s not full coverage so I don’t think it will cover serious imperfections. The powder glides on smoothly and makes skin silky soft and looking natural. Throughout the day, the only retouching I had to do was to blot away some oil a few times because, even though the foundation lasted all day on me, it doesn’t control oil production too well and every few hours those ugly shiny patches appear on my t-zone.

The foundation contains Mica, a mineral used to give skin some sparkle and shine and Zinc Oxide, which is a mineral that offers some sun protection but because it is a powder it doesn’t adhere well to the skin and is easy to remove so you shouldn’t rely solely on this but use a sunscreen as well. Also, it contains Borom Nitride which has absorbing properties. But as mentioned above, it didn’t work too well on me.

However, this is not a pure mineral foundation. Mineral Mix also contains Dimethicone, a silicone that imparts a silky feel to skin and parabens as preservatives. This doesn’t bother me cos the ingredients aren’t bad for the skin and I love the idea of a 2 in 1 foundation that provides medium but natural coverage, but if you’re looking for something that only contains minerals, this isn’t it.

Overall, I love Senna Mineral Mix Cover & Finish Foundation. It contains both a loose and pressed mineral foundation that gives medium coverage to hide small imperfections and adjust the color to your skintone. It looks very natural on the skin and is longlasting. I just wish it came in more shades and that it controlled oil production better. And it is on the pricey side too.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration.. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    Anastacia, thanks. I love Mineral Foundation. This one from Senna is really nice and I also love Th Body Shop’s one. It has lighter coverage than this though.

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