Blogs We Love: Makeup And Beauty Blog

If you have never heard of Makeup And Beauty Blog, where have you been? It is one of my favourite beauty blogs ever and I visit it at least three times a day. Karen, the beauty behind the blog, is a very sweet, down-to-earth, creative and fun lady that posts about the latest makeup news, has the cutest tutorials ever and is a fantastic source for makeup tips and tricks and her reviews are always honest (and sometimes she writes them in haiku!).

Karen clearly puts a lot of effort into her blog and her great personality shines through it. Reading her posts and watching her videos is always a pleasure. They are always so funny, cute and creative and manage to make me smile even when I have a bad day. And of course, how could I forget to mention Tabs? This cute cat is very busy with his modelling gigs and travelling the world, but always finds the time to make an appearance on the blog. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out Makeup And Beauty Blog now!

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  1. Val Piedoza says

    I totally agree with you. Her beauty blog is so well designed and the content is always informative and entertaining. One time I was looking for reviews on Essie Fiji nail polish and she did such a good job describing it and the pictures were more than enough to convince be to buy it and try it for myself.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Val, I’m glad you enjoy her blog too and I agree. She has useful content and a pretty, easy-to-navigate design. I always check out her reviews before deciding wether to buy something or not and her pictures are a great help. I’m glad she helped you make a good purchase too.

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